Day 10 of Anna Hazares fast, Congress prepares for endgame.

Its day10, going into Anna Hazare`s fast and the endgame is near.

The Govts intention  and attitude towards democratic protests and protestors is becoming more and more clear.

No sane politician will want to be held accountable if he can get away with it and this is a clear attempt by the Congress to get away with it .

The moot point here is will the cat bell itself ?  This Congress govt knows that it and its PM MMS  can be held accountable by a powerful lokpal for the misdeeds and massive corruption that this regime has allowed. It will fight hard to prevent a strong lokpal when the first set of people in the docs will possibly be people like MMS and Chidambaram.

Image Headlines today

From what is out in news reports

  •  The Congress govt is willing to talk….. indefinitely!
  • It intends to kill the protests through the time tested weapon most corrupt officials use … DELAY PROCEEDINGS INDEFINITELY.
  • It is not willing to Act, so as to get a Strong Lokpal.
  • Strong public support has meant that it cannot repeat a Baba Ramdev styled midnight raid by abusing the system.
  • The Govt has failed to make this a Politician Vs Anna Hazare battle as the BJP and other opposition parties are voicing support towards Anna Hazare on the floor of the House.Its another matter if they support his bill or not.
  • It has now started finding alternative methods and is abusing its power by misusing  the Delhi Police as a front to pack up protests.
  • Police have suddenly filed a case , opining that there are violations by the Hazare and the India against Corruption camp.
  • They intend to get Anna out of Ramlila Maidan and break the protests possibly using the Indira emergency style.

Lets see how things go from here . People who have been contemplating whether to join the protest should now prepare so that critical mass will checkmate this Congress Governments intentions.

On the lighter side, I will fully support Arundhati Roy if she fasts for corruption…. cause in the end either corruption will b over or Roy.. both  a win-win situation for India.


3 thoughts on “Day 10 of Anna Hazares fast, Congress prepares for endgame.

  1. It is really pathetic that no one is considering seriously about this poor man Anna hazare, who at this fragile age is undertaking fast unto death, and has entered 10 days, How will be his health now? These dirty politicians of Congress are enjoying party and not heading a minute for this Man who wants to clean society.
    We are also to be blamed, how many of us are making hue and cry about this indifference of Manmohan singh and not trying our level bset to oust him.
    May God protect Anna hazare.

  2. Wow , its great that u r supporting a worthy cause like this.
    Everyone must be prepared to get out on the streets and fight for this .

    Anna is not poor for that matter, the politicians are, not monetarily maybe but definitely in terms of being human and selfless.

    As i said before they, the congress politicians are protecting themselves….

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