Day 11 in Annas Fast

Its day 11, and the  Indira Sonia congress isolated in its stand, has decided a formal debate on Saturday, but  started debating the Lokpal in the zero hour informally …Go  Anna!

The congress seems amiss under the leadership of Rahul Baba , with mother Sonia missing from action .

For the first time the Hindustan Times  owner Shobhana Bhartia , who is close to the Gandhis` has come out on IBN Tv18 and clearing the congress stand . (Both media houses are pro congress)

Img Maxabout.

Rahul Amul baba after a long long time has broken his silence and proposed at the loudest his voice can permit that lokpal be a body like the Election Commission.

Img: DD / Firstpost

If we take the EC history into account, i find this to be a ploy to dilute the lokpal to a body of people more pliable and maliable to people in power. Especially considering how the ECs are elected.

Secondly other than people like  T N Seshan andT.S.Krishnamurthy  , no other EC has been unbiased and untainted. Even the  J M Lyngdoh had taken controversial decisions.

The EC post was massively abused during the times Indira Gandhi and the CEC/ ECs like most constitutional appointees was  a mere rubber stamp, who got cushy posts post their tenure.

The Current CEC is Dr S.Y. Quraishi,  is a career bureaucrat? who previously held the post of the Secretary, Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

The previous CEC  is Naveen Chavla . His wiki states

Navin Chawla is best known in India for his association with the atrocities and excesses of emergency rule in India. JC Shah, the former chief justice of India commented in the inquiry report that Chawla was unfit to hold any public office.

Dr. M S Gill who formerly served as the Chief Election Commissioner of India from 1996 to 2001 is currently a Congress party member and has served as the of Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports


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