Day 12 into Anna Hazare`s fast

Anna Hazare has 3 simple demands, that most people agree on. I think the Parliament should pass a resolution today so that the fast is broken asap . Lets see if the thick skinned parliamentarians especially from Congress will move forward now that BJP is on board.

Situation as of now:

1. Anna Hazare`s3 key demands to break his fast are :-

A resolution to be moved in Parliament which contains

  • All civil servants should be brought under Lokpal
  • A Citizen Charter should be displayed at all government offices and
  • All states should have a Lokayukta.

Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Day 12 into Anna Hazare`s fast

  1. Shri Anna jee has achieved the impossible.He was determined and stood like a rock of Gibralter in front of the struggling and protesting people of India.We all must salute this great Gandhian.We must keep our Gandhian thoughts alive and ticking..We all pray for his good health and long life,

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