Day 12 Late Noon Anna Hazare still on fast !

Prashant Bhushan has categorically come out and talked about the about face the current Congress UPA govt , which wants only to talk under 193, but not put up a resolution…and wants to convey the sense of the house at the end of it. The Anna team feels cheated!

Worse Congress blames the BJP of not agreeing towards a resolution. BJP`s stand needs to be clarified.

Arvind Kejriwal says that Congress says that BJP will vote against that resolution, which sounds rather amazing because Congress still has a majority in the house.

BJP has moved for motion under 184 yesterday in support of  Hazare…

Congress wants only to make this a general talk in the parliament …even today no vote or formal resolution!  Seems like parliamentarians generally agree but don’t want to specifically agree to Anna Hazare`s terms…

Given the history of this govt to making an about face, i don’t think Anna would budge and would take the Prashant Bhushan stand.

Shanti Bhushan says that Salman Khursheed had agreed to a favorable resolution being passed today in Parliament.

Arnob of  Times Now is now taking the stand that Prashant Bhushan is becoming hardline…  which is again a little shocking.

Navika Kumar Times now, says she has spoken with Jaitley of BJP, who is in agreement with Annas resolution.

3.30pm Dr Chandan Mitra is on Times now and is shocked with the Govts behavior, and states that its parliament that will decide on the voting or non voting clauses of the resolution, and has said that the discussion was non voting.

Is BJP doing a political Hari-keri? What do we make of it

3.30pm Vinod Mehta of outlook (Pro Congress), has come down hard on BJP, blaming it for the impasse.

4.15 pm Swaraj states BJP to vote in favour of all the 3 sticky demands in both houses of Parliament.

Is it time the Congress UPA starts to count its days in power?

5.00pm Congress seems to be in a state of mess and chaos thanks to Madam Sonias absence , and absence of  leadership of either MMS or Rahul Gandhi.

5.10 A message has gone to Team Anna and IAC from congress that it is ready with a draft resolution which it wants vouched …. Aaj Tak

The resolution is expected be voice voted.


One thought on “Day 12 Late Noon Anna Hazare still on fast !

  1. it is shame that we are selecting those selfish leaders, representing for the legislative and parliament. since people are on demand then why should those members have to debate on it. our country has been looting by some people and we are just watching the news and taking all the burdens. at least the anti corruption bill has come up and we all should support and take action to make it as a law and behave accordingly.

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