Om Puri speaks at Ramleela Maidan .

This is a passionate actor making a speech straight from his heart…

Hear Om Puri speak

Short version

One of the most inspiring things he said was that a person should change his own fate instead of depending on politicians. I think he voiced the Aam Admi`s views .

Naturally the English language media like Star news, Firstpost,  has called his speech among other things  uncivil, wobbly,  slurry and crude.

Strangely they did not find anything wrong in speech made by Laloo Yadhav in parliament especially his trivializing  of  Anna`s fast etc at 2.30 and 4.30 in the video while he was cheered on by parliamentarians.

Sharad Yadav was no better , and both are marginalized politicians at best and i hope their days in the parliament are numbered.

Yes , Kiran Bedi`s antics were in bad taste , but the way honorable parliamentarians have behaved in the recent past , and with her record of a cop who has dealt with crooked MPs all her life, it may have been her venting out her frustration, and my respect to parliamentarians would have increased many fold if they would have shown more maturity just as Jaitley suggested.

Naturally our immature MPs moved privilege motion against Bedi, Om Puri‎ .


6 thoughts on “Om Puri speaks at Ramleela Maidan .

  1. MR.OM PURI’S speech through his heart, MR.Anna Hazare was on the fast…….. therefor he is unhappy with MP because they are not passing RESOLUTION EVEN AFTER 11 DAY OF FASTING………

  2. Vinod
    Mr. Om Puri whatever you said in your speech I agree with. you have said Gavar and Unpadh not to a particular person .You said in genral . Those who are Gavar and Unpadh they only throw chairs and Chappal in the parliament and vidhan sabha. I don’t think you said any thing wrong in it. It hurt only to those who are part of it.

  3. What Ompuri said in his speech, is the feeling of common man. Of course few words are very harsh but reality lies in these words. He is a great actor and now Anupam Kher also supported his voice.

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