Vindictiveness of the privileged political class.

As  days go by, each and every member of team Anna is facing the full and collective might of the government, as the govt agencies like the ED, CBDT, Delhi Police etc are all put into action by their political masters  who have been denying their hand in any of the said activities from the onset of this mass agitation…

Guess what the Mahatma whose name the Nehru Gandi family has used so blatantly to promote its political legitimacy says
“I hate privilege and monopolies. I reject everything that cannot be shared with the rest of the people”…  Mahatma Gandhi

As of now the entire Anna team except Anna are all under some kind of investigation or have been given a notice of breach of privileges.

The good bit is that many of the so called intellectuals experts  and unbiased players in the news media as well as those big players in the film industry  stand exposed, as their political leanings are in plain sight.

Chk out Aap Ki Adalat


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