Terror and Corruption

As Delhi faced another islamic terrorist attack that has left 11 dead and scores injured.One has tired of repeating that any business including the islamist terror business (well isnt it an organised business? ) needs funding .

And with the politicians at the helm that need the funding channels like hawala to funnel out their ill-gotten gains, and get them swiss banked and whitewashed into pn investments and fii investments, one needs to seriously introspect whether India can ever protect itself from this very repetitive terror threat. The good news for the aam admi is that huff post has picked up on this.Cleo Paskel has a good piece in Huffington post, that details the modus operandi in

“Why Indian Corruption Is a Global Security Concern”

The problem is compounded when these same networks are used by those whose job it is to shut down criminal networks, such as (corrupt) politicians and law enforcement.

As all these money streams combine and flow through the same channels, each participant, from terrorist to politician, needs to protect the whole system in order to protect their own money flow. Very broadly, those common interests result in a division of labour.

As a westerner who has traveled in India she has an understanding of the local political system and is not bound by the local media blanket censure on writing anything about serious corruption especially stemming from the Nehru Gandhi family. Read

World’s #9 Most Powerful Person Now Accused of Corruption – Will She Fall?

Part of the genius of Sonia Gandhi is her ability to present herself as a helpless victim, convincing even her political rivals not to fear her as she is fatally flawed

Question is do we fall for the Ostrich-niti or Suckularism of the Congress, the UP and Bihar strongmen and women and the  JnK politicians who see huge political benefits  in this both because they remain well protected with their SPG cover and reap the vote bank gains of  radical muslim islamist votes,  is it now time that the so called Hindu majority which is broadly secular,  ghetto vote to  throw such politics into the dustbin?

Are people angry enough to vote for Peoples party of India or the BJP..ie anti congress when the credibility of  the BJP or other political parties for that matter is wishy-washy at best.

In Anna Hazare they have seen a viable alternative even if  some of his Ideas such as Prohibition will not be palatable to many, but the IAC has categorically stated that it will not enter politics.

Things will be interesting for this nation.


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