And Sharad Pawar got slapped.

Inflation stroking absentee Agri Minister Sharad Pawar got one not so tight slap, and media had a field day and a sudden boost in trps, repeating the clip on the hour.

The pro Congress media, like their political mentors who give them massive add revenue, Padma Shrees, imported liquor and subsidized housing under the prime minister or chief minister quota, condemn Harvinder Singh, who the aam aami (me included) hails as a revolutionary if not a hero, even though they know in their heart of hearts what happened was wrong and the man might have some mental problems. In all probability the real slap was as much directed at MmS, PM, PC and Madam, the Congress UPA bosses as much as it was towards Mr Pawar. Naturally most politicians who dont fear god, have panicked because of the threat of the Aam admi ka haat !

Why have we come to this? Is it an explosion of pent up frustration that this govt is lying to its people on policy inaction, black money protection, on galloping inflation and on massive corruption plaguing the govt of the elite, by the people, that makes policy only for its vote banks, and not the whole of India in general.

Is it because they know that corrupt politicians always get away with their crimes, while honest officials suffer punishment postings aka Kiran Crane bedi and so many other honest bureaucrats?

Senior NCP leader involved in peaceful protests (Mid-day)

NCP leader involved in peaceful train roko protests  (Mid-day)

Is it because people have noticed that the only way our politicians protest is with bandhs and hartals and kam or rasta rokos enforced with threat of violence ?

Why did they all not condemn the violent official accompanying Mr Pawar, the  MPs of Congress and personel that thrashed the black flag wielding Samajwadi activists at Rahul Gandhis rally or the Congress workers that thrashed the mentally unstable man who threatened Janardan Dwivedi with a shoe ? Is it because they were not VVIPs?

The crony media even tried to twist Anna Hazare`s question Ek hi mara kya? when the audience laughed, by attempting to blame him for fanning the flames.

India has the largest body of laws and loopholes which are seldom uniformly enforced, and the politicians bureaucrats and police retain a lot of discretionary powers. Are rules only to be followed by the aam admi and not by politicians, bureaucrats, and crony capitalists or people with contacts?

The anna movement has shown them the true meaning of democracy and they will no more tolerate graft and corruption and oligarchic crony capitalism.

Majority of people follow the gandhian way, but thanks to current political situation and cult favourite movies like Rang de Basanti, there is a steady stream of converts that want to follow the ways of  Bose, Bhagat Singh and others.


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