Vedanta Creating Happiness or doing feel good advertising ?

The Vedanta Creating Happiness Ad runs for 1.32 minutes, they push/bombard this add during primetime tv which is one of the most expensive time-slots to buy airtime. The amt they spend on the repetition of this add per day or 3 days might probably fund creation of a primary school or a  health centre.

We all know that this is a mining company with interests in iron ore, aluminium, copper and oil and for getting mining license one needs to have strong political influence and the funding-ability to purchase the said influence.

Are these adds politically motivated especially during election time when the model code of conduct is in force ?

I don’t quite get why they are so focused on advertising, rather than investing those funds on actually building or upgrading primary school or health infrastructure in the rural areas ?

Am i wrong in singling them out? The big 5 oil giants do it so what is the big deal?


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