Why avoid Whirlpool India Refrigerators

I had purchased a Whirlpool over an LG which were two of my primary choices because of its great built quality and because it was imported from Brazil and was a tropicalized FF model.I have had to face the woes of a locally made BPL ff fridge and know how tropical humid mumbai climate drives ff fridges crazy.

For the first few years the outsourced technicians from the service co were good , and i extended the warranty to a 7 yr warranty fairly quickly, which in hindsight worked to my advantage as the co literally makes a killing on the circuit and parts.

5 Yrs on the quality of technicians so deteriorated that i was shocked by the manner of service and escalated the matter right to whirlpool.

Here is my list

1.  Whirlpool India is notorious about abandoning users of its FF ELITE models…They abandon your fridge post extended warranty period by stopping amc on fridge for older models.

2. They literally fleece you on parts and charge double of what it costs in the market. I bought a plastic part at almost half of what he was asking for.

3. Their AMC is shoddy, they dont send people to visit or clean the fridge. When ur under amc they send the person late, and worse the only worry of the outsourced agency is to get the satisfaction code.

4. Technicians rush and break plastic parts which are poor in quality. They are poorly qualified and repair by trial and error. I doubt if they know what a multi-merer is! .

5. Their technicians are crooks, they  install defective parts. They are frauds and cheat/ coerce/ force u to give them the coveted satisfaction code… They got lucky with me .. a techie .. an avg housewife doesn’t stand a chance.

A technician casually installed a defective control circuit that conked off , made me show him the whirlpool sms that had the satisfaction code .. and vanished . Soon enough and the next guy told me that the part was defective..the man had dropped it from his scooter/ bike and put a new one … thank god it was under warranty.. What about those that aren’t? A control circuit costs close to Rs 5500 and was replaced 3 times in 7 years..

Another used duct-tape to join wires of the thermostat which conked off rather soon.

6.  Chk out forum of dissatisfied FF Elite customers.



14 thoughts on “Why avoid Whirlpool India Refrigerators

  1. This is not only about Whirlpool appliances. It is true with Godrej appliance too. I had purchased a Godrej Refrigerator about five years back. When I bought it I was told that it is guarenteed/Warrenteed for 7 years, but noone turned up after it was sold out till date. Not even customery check up. Godrej Home appliances are very bad.

  2. I do agree , don’t make a mistake of buying whirlpool appliances , i tell u there after sale service is too bad, especially in pune, i had tried to contact the sale head in pune through custemercare, the lady who looks after sales service is not at all helpfull and quite irritating which is ruining company’s what ever left reputation, i would suggest people of pune not to go for whirlpool appliances, because what they promise they don’t deliver and don’t suffer the way we are suffering

  3. I thought of buying a new fridge, and thought of public openion about the best fridge. Initially thought of Godrej or whirlpool since my current fridge was Godrej which is 35 years old , running excellent.
    after seeing the reviews, i decided not to buy Whirlpool fridge.

  4. i do agree with who suffer .this is an very bed experience with the whirlpool proton so ever one take care from whirlpool products

  5. i have purchase the whirlpool proton fridge from better deal from janak puri delhi .this product is given by the dealer on 27/05/2012. no cooling in the fridge tody on 28/05/2012 after installation the company is committed that is 6 sense product an fast ices feature with this product but no frozen ices after 8 hours i m not satisfied with the whirlpool. if no positive response is given by the dealer or company i will be going on consumer court for face all difficulty if no response with in 24 hour

  6. true i have an old stori i purchased a fridge in 2004 and it worked till the begining of the first summer but it never get the cooling after that and even after repeated servicing by the technicians it new worked propery.

  7. Very true. Whirlpool has the worst post sales service in India. Even the Whirlpool accessories are a headache. My AC stabilizer from Whilrpool went bust after 1 year and the service request is pending with whirlpool for 2 months. Reason – engineer to fix the stabilizer is not available with Whirlpool and they are looking for contractors. Gosh !!! can you believe such a stupid company

  8. I am currently going through this bad experience. Now I understand what and why they have done this. Their inexperienced technician came from Dwarka, Delhi service center and destroyed my working fridge. The first one replaced the timer +2 parts for the defrost to start working. I asked him to confirm the settings so he wouldn’t have to come again. He assured me that there’ll be no complaint and took full payment. The fridge started fine when he was there but soon after the defrost kicked in (on an already defrosted fridge!) and continued for more than an hr. The water I had kept in the freezer heated up! When I called the guy he said leave it for another 1 hr but he’d only see it the next day. I switched the fridge off as I thought it could get dangerous. Complained again. Another one came the next day and agreed that the timer was set to do more of defrost and that defrost shouldn’t have been running for more than 7 mins. The freezer back panel had melted and so had the fan. I told him to fix it. He promised he would return in 2 hrs, went back and closed the complaint saying ‘customer refuses to pay’. The cheekiness of them. The call center guys are hand in glove, wont let me talk to their manager and keep raising new complaint after another instead of re-opening the previous one. Only relief – I didn’t part with the satisfaction code despite the first technician pestering me for it. Oh and one more thing… the guy wouldn’t give me a proper receipt that was in 3 copies. He tried to dodge it twice then relented but I’m not sure of the copy he has given me cause it doesn’t say ‘Customer copy’. Such a big company resorting to such fraud. I think all should avoid it and send it to its doom.

    1. Ok if u have a proper bill, and have maintained the smss and please also take print out of smss as evidence, even if you are not having an amc , and have full details, it is sufficient for you to prove deficiency of service.. threaten the company with a consumer court complaint…escalate it to the management of the company by sending a letter vide redg post with a 30 day notice and see how they act!!


  10. Completely agree. I had a similar experience with Whirlpool India.

    I have a refrigerator which has almost no cooling since 1st June, 2014. I have lodged complaint thrice with the whirlpool service centre on 011 – 6000 8558, the details of the response on these complaints given by Whirlpool is given below.

    • DL0614000335 dated 1st June, 2014 – The technician came and replaced 3 components, the bill amounting to a few thousands. After this the refrigerator started cooling but within 1 – 2 hrs it stopped cooling.
    • DL0614000712 dated 2nd June, 2014 – The technician came and changed some part by opening the freezer plate which he said was bimetallic. After this the refrigerator started cooling but again stopped within 1 – 2 hrs.
    • DL0614001731 dated 3rd June, 2014 – In this complaint I asked for a senior technician since the issue was not being resolved. The senior technician visited on 4th June and said that the other technician should have changed the heater as well and that the parts that were changed were not required to be changed. He said that he was not carrying the heater with him and would come back within a few hours with the heater.

    Till date that technician has not come back with the heater. I have ended up spending a few thousand rupees so far. Despite this my refrigerator is not working in this heat of 45 degrees Celsius.

    Several emails to helpdeskindia@whirlpool.com have all been unanswered. Despite repeated calls to the customer care center for complaint escalation and resolution, all have been ignored and now they don’t even provide a complaint number.

  11. I agree 100% with your views. I had exactly the same experience with Whirlpool Protton FP 343D refrigerator.

    It lost cooling in June. On logging a complaint (DL0614016909 on 19/June), the technician came and changed gas and Bimetal and charged Rs.2935/=. Unfortunately for us, we were in the process of shifting and couldn’t use it for next 2 months. When we again started using it from Aug 15, we realized that it is still not cooling. On logging a complaint now they changed timer and again charged 1250/=.

    No wonder their profits are soaring (http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/companies/whirlpool-india-net-profit-up-67-at-rs-83-cr/article6316755.ece) even when demand for their products is decreasing (http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2014-04-10/news/49032030_1_whirlpool-india-shantanu-dasgupta-lg-india).

  12. I was considering a Whirlpool refrigerator purchase but a quick search lead me to this post which has decimated my confidence in this company. Thanks Viral (above) for the links to articles. What I am interested in though are stats/comparisons of horror stories vs happy consumers which are hard to come by apparently. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories anyway!

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