Faultfinding my Whirlpool 350 L FF Elite Refrigerator

I have been taken for a ride by the Whirlpool Service guys n number of times as most likely than not you have too. If you figure out the system u could diy repair or make sure that the service man is qualified or some anadi sent by the service co. In India the multi-meter is an alien object to the repair guy. No wonder we face shoddy service.

The 7 year contract of my Whirlpool FF 350 L Elite model , imported from brazil,  REFRIGERATOR BRASTEMP BRM35A 350 FROST FREE  just ran out, and the way the service standards of whirlpool are, continuity tester in hand  i bravely decided on doing the faultfinding myself. Actually most FF fridges are similar and the same rules apply to most fridges..

Chk out my Detailed Faultfinding Post Here 





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