Indian Congress party ( INC ) is more opportunistic than Secular.

Homosexual intercourse was a criminal offence until 2009 under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 … A british legacy.

Sec 377 was a great source of underhand revenue for some crooked cops, and naturally a major tool for intimidation and harassment of the rainbow community.

This law was struck down by the 2009 Delhi High Court decision Naz Foundation v. Govt. of NCT of Delhi, which found Section 377 and other legal prohibitions against same-sex conduct to be in direct violation of fundamental rights provided by the Indian Constitution.

Many educated Indians have moved on and dont find it a big deal.  Movies like Onir’s My brother Nikhil had mainstreem actors and was accepted in bollywood , it didnt face shutdowns or protests.

We even laugh at

No one except the deobandis, the church, the BJP and some devout followers that considered gay sex as a disease made some noise.

The health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad was one of the loudest

LGBT s come out all guns blazing in the media against his outrageous statement and Congress calculates the quantum of loss / error of judgement and makes him explain his statement.

Come 2012 election time:  16 February 2012, the Supreme Court, during a hearing of a bunch of appeals filed against decriminalization of gay sex, observed that homosexuality should be seen in the context of changing society as many things which were earlier unacceptable have become acceptable with passage of time.

The Sonia congress upa stand?

Centre tells Supreme Court gay sex immoral, calls for new ban

ASG Malhotra has already argued the case for more than three hours, while the home ministry , ASG Jain flip flops

This is during the UP elections when its senior politicians have made a mockery of the law and of the Election Commission to draw in the Muslim vote in UP.Muslims are a huge vote bank … a Majority block of votes that can make or break a party’s fortunes.

Come the last day of UP Elections, the Sonia congress does a royal about turn in the Courts, to which the court reacted

“Don’t make (a) mockery of the system. ASG Malhotra has already argued the case for more than three hours. Don’t waste the court’s time,” the bench said.
“You do not have to argue fresh … You are appearing for health ministry. Tomorrow someone may say that Jain was not authorised to argue the case. We do not want to embarrass you,” the bench said.

Looks like Sonia Congress UPA is Duplicitous , and no less communal. It is worried about the backlash of its Muslim vote bank when it comes to elections.

If BJP has their VHP then Congress has their Deobandis.. no wonder its stand changes in sync with the election calander..


4 thoughts on “Indian Congress party ( INC ) is more opportunistic than Secular.

  1. 12

    Section377 ( Side Effectts of Legalizing GAYSEX Will Destroy Social Fabric in INDIA )
    CRIMAL Eunuchs doing Extortion Harassment of railway passengers on trains ?
    Ghulam Nabi Azad Fucks homosexuality an UN-Natural Disease ?
    Huge Financial Corruption in MsmCBO or NGO in INDIA Encourages by NACO and others ?
    Hjiras,Eunuchs ,Gandu’s,MsM,Kinar,Aravanies,6no’s,Mamu & Dogs Not Allowed ??
    Eunuchs Harassing Motorists At Traffic Signals ,Trains, Roads, Any where in INDIA ?
    CRIMAL Eunuchs’ kill passenger in train ?

    Blogger :-

    Section377 > GAY Get FUCKED on Roads freely ?
    Section377> HEJADS do CRIMAL ACTIVETES freely ?
    Section377 > HEJADS do SEXWORK on Roads freely ?
    Section377 > GAY & HEJADS and MsM,s Terrible ?
    Section377 > No Opinion HEJADS are Crimals of Society ?
    Section377 > Hjiras & Dogs Not Allowed ?
    Section377 > MsM have 89% are AIDS Check MSM CBO in INDIA ?
    Section377 > Hijads have 89% are AIDS Check MSM CBO in INDIIA ?
    Section377 > MSM CBO & NGO have a PLHA centers ?

    1. u say GAYSEX Will Destroy Social Fabric in INDIA
      I dont see any change in society … 6 months post judgement …

      Then again what u are saying is irrelevant to sec377,
      Ur blaming all social ills on sec 377 repeal.

      Excesses of eunachs can be dealt with, by the police with normal criminal laws because what u describe is criminal activity.

      Also Aids is a universal risk when one has unprotected sex with multiple partners, be it from traditional straight or gay sex, or anal sex.

      Just accept that ur a homophobe and dont try to justify because ur logic and stats are shoddy!

    1. NO , but does it bloody matter ?
      Ur a shallow person and all u could ask me is a stupid question
      I was talking about democracy and the equity tenant of the constitution .

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