Sewing with a Sewing machine

I have this fashion stitch sewing machine that my sister insisted on buying, but it turns out that she never intended to stitch but to use me as her unofficial alterer or tailor.

Even after a couple of yrs, i didnt quite know how to properly use it and the only thing i did was to use the straight and zigzag stitch. So thanks to you tube i finally figured out how to stitch on a sewing machine.  Now i got to figure out how to teach her to stitch, and maybe this post will.

Which?: How to use a sewing machine

Singer Basic Stitches Tutorial–MIr_iOVElA&index=18&feature=plcp

Singer 8280 demo

CraftyGemini tutorials

Expert village tutorials

How To Make a T-Shirt Grocery Bag

Sewing Basics #1: How to finish up raw edges

Sewing Basics #2: 7 Ways to Attach/Use Elastic

Sewing An Elastic Waist Band


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