Pitfalls for the Indian Investor

When a govt is so desperate for capital it could do something to make life for the average Indian Investor a little easier , but this govt like the ones before is making life hell for the average investor with one half baked norm/rule/idea  after another.


Debashis Basu: Stories from Indian savers

Capital Calculus | Anil Padmanabhan : Will UPA seize the moment?

As this govt goes back in time … ie Sonia apes Indira`s disastrous policy, and the FM replicates policy that existed in his first term as FM during Indiras tenure as PM, the markets have tanked.

Govt to deliberate tax measures as investors fret

Then again Indians are smart .. no wonder they show no confidence in this govt by investing in GOLD … and why not ? it is already up 30% yoy, whether the govt and fm taxes it or not!


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