Budget Laser Printers – Comparing Canon 2900B, Samsung ML1676, HP1020 Plus and HP P1007.

Canon 2900B, Samsung ML – 1676 & HP1020 Laser Printers

HP1020 & Canon 2900B are the two most popular budget compact monochrome Laser Printers sold in India, and are targetted at the Home /SOHO segment . Printers compared are USB models with a 1 Yr Warranty.

Check out

Flipcart: HP1020 vs Canon 2900B vs Samsung ML – 1676 Specs

CompareIndia: HP LaserJet P1007 vs HP LaserJet 1020 Plus vs Canon Laser Shot LBP2900 vs Samsung ML – 1666 

HP 1020*( with demo toner 12A) costs around Rs6500 to 7000 and is the best of the lot. Its HP 12A Black Toner Cartridge /Model Q2612A  with 2000 pages print capacity retails on Flipcart at Rs. 3190.

Canon 2900B comes for Rs 6000 to 6600.  Canon EP 303 Toner Cartridge with 2000 pages print capacity retails on Flipcart at  Rs. 3688 Canon Accepts certain HP Cartriges.

HP LaserJet P1007*( with demo toner 88A)(Costs appx Rs 5000) with a single tray is more compact than the HP1020 Plus  and its toner HP LaserJet CC388A has a lower capacity of 1500 prints and costs almost the same as a 12A.

Samsung ML – 1676 is the ultra compact, fast printer that offers the highest resolution of upto1200x1200 dpi , with a slightly lower built quality in comparison to Canon. Samsung Black MLT D1043S Toner Cartridge costs 3041 on flipcart and has a 1500 pg capacity. You may face problems refilling it or finding spare cartridges and servicing it post warranty period.

Overall HP scores over the Canon and Samsung in terms of built quality, size, weight, compatibility and general availability of spares, repairs and refilling of toners.

HP Printers sell with a demo cartridge with a limited initial print capacity so u need to spend on refilling or a new toner cartridge asap.

HP/ Samsung toners  come with a chip that measures ink usage and needs to be changed /reset with every refill… which means added costs.

As things keep changing check if the new printer you are buying has a demo cartridge and an ink measuring chip.

Copy Cartriges without chips are available for HP and Canon, check for others.


2 thoughts on “Budget Laser Printers – Comparing Canon 2900B, Samsung ML1676, HP1020 Plus and HP P1007.

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