Tatkal Booking New rules

After the media noise the Indian Railways has changed tatkal rules

Under the revised scheme, passengers can book Tatkal tickets from 10am. There will be special counters for Tatkal from 10am-10.30am.

The railways will also augment the e-ticket handling capacity of its website through short-term and long-term measures.

The server capacity will be increased from 3.5 lakh bookings to about 5 lakh bookings per day in about four months, which will eventually be increased to about 8 lakh bookings a day.

No authorized agents, including those of IRCTC, will be allowed to book Tatkal tickets from 10am to 12pm over the counter as well as on the internet.

Now that it is tougher for agents, but with such incentive i dont think ghost tatkal bookings will stop, only premiums will go up. .

Flaws still in the system.

No augmentation of capacity.

No requirement of submission of complete details / full names of passengers. No ID proof for bookings over Internet.

Counter booking clerks will not be fired if found indulging in malpractice. Malpractice wont go with banning of mobiles …

Poor systems

There is no concept of  planning trains on basis of passenger behavior or travel patterns or statistical analysis.

The ticketing system needs improvement and railways needs to introduce more flexibility into their operations, adding bogies and removing bogies depending upon ticketing pattern. No concept of connecting trains exists.

The way trains are run needs to be overhauled to give passengers more options. I have seen first hand how many seats go empty after half the journey wherein most people get down at at popular spots.

Eg Udyan express emptys  at Gulbarga /Raichur/Sholapur as many passengers exit after which the train has barely 40% 50% passengers till mumbai. They should augment bogies , and keep two of them fr passengers say till sholapur

Eg Chalukya express emptys at Belgaum, Hubli. Dharwad . Noone wants to travel return 11018 YPR/Mumbai as the train leaves at 6.30 morning when there is no public transport/ rickshaw available at 5.30 or 6 in Bangalore. If the train departs an hr later it would see a lot more passengers.


4 thoughts on “Tatkal Booking New rules

  1. Can we book ticket from a station to other one . For example i have to from katni So can i book my ticket from jabalpur instead of katni. And how many hours before the departure of train i can get tatkal . Like i wanna go from train in the evening of 7 pm so can i get ticket on that same day at 10 am of the morning

  2. Just can not log in for first 30 mins and then it shows Available 2 (Total tatkal quota 248). And by the time go to payment page – Indianrai.gov.in shows WL 32 ….

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