Indian Railways Ticketing Scam

Indian Railways has allowed ticketing upto 4 mths in advance. But the strange fact is that the tickets get booked within 3 days or less during season or vacations.  How? Why?

Let me find the reasons :

1. Politicians run railways , which means political interference and nuisance value and railways not running on economic lines but on vote bank politics and politics of jod tod or coalition.

2. Competence of staff is not rewarded, but progress depends on nepotism, ji hazuri and whether ur backward class or not. Staff is either uninterested or corrupt or both and cannot be sacked.

The tertiary reasons are :-

1. Nexus between guards, agents, touts and ticketing clerks and supervisors. Corrupt chart preparers and TCs who are corrupt.

2. IRCTC agents who do Dummy bookings using one word generic names. No ID proof needed.

3. Too much leeway and discretion to chart preparers.

4. Multiplicity of Quotas and the associated misuse.

5. Inefficient management of rail network and ticketing systems.

6. Cheap tickets in comparison to road transport.

You can read my other post on Tatkal scam.


2 thoughts on “Indian Railways Ticketing Scam

  1. Just privatize the railways and let many different private companies run trains. Then there will be no corruption because of competition. If you are corrupt, people will just switch to your competitor. Right now there is no competitor to Indian railways and so they can do what they want.

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