Azad Maidan Mumbai Riots (CST)(VT) and after effects..

Here are the best of posts regarding the azad maidan riot and the protests against the way the riots were handled by the State CM and more importantly his Home minister through the Police Commissioner Arup Patnayak .

Read: Madhu Trehan: Bending over backwards

Mumbai violence: Reinventing the Muslim victimhood stance

BRaman: Patnaik deserves credit for controlling Mumbai violence

People posting you tube videos are responsible for its content.

Azad Maidan (CST) Riots, What you did not see.

Azad Maidan (CST-Mumbai-Riots) 11th Aug 2012.

The infamous Patnayak video

PC Arup Patnayak’s  Justification.

Mumbai Violence:’Police ignored Intelligence warnings’-TV9

Illegal Bangladeshi Muslims /HUJI Hoist Pakistan Flags in Assam

MP Asaduddin Owaisi of MIM (a party that is an ofshoot of Hydrabadi Razakars) , an ally of Congress placing Bangladeshi illegal immigrants at par with Indian citizens.

Mr Raj Thackerays Speech on AZAD Maidan

Full text: What Raj Thackeray said at Azad Maidan

All this vote politics will hurt educated law abiding moderate Muslims the most, as they will invariably face more harassment and profiling.

The Central govt has done what it does best, using its scissors on the Internet, banning parody accounts on twitter and the likes instead of focusing on foot soldiers of jihad and on the message dished out post friday prayers.


‘Show me one byte of NE students saying panic was caused by internet’ 

In the name of communal harmony: Mind it, gag it, ban it

Centre, Twitter in face-off over PMO parody accounts


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