GOI blocks Twitter

As at today, it seems that Twitter is blocked in India.

Read Centre, Twitter in face-off over PMO parody accounts

Why is it that the govt blocks something unrelated on the net whenever people notice it bugling big time on some national issue ?

The relatively boring parody account @PM0India which had until recently been using the #Indian Internet laws, may see more hits than it normally does .

The best of the lot of parody accounts tweets :-

Dr Moneymohan Singh ‏@DrYumYumSingh

Freedom of speech & expression does not include the right for you to speak in my name.
Dr Moneymohan Singh ‏@DrYumYumSingh
Hain?!! How can you say twitter has been censored? Have I censored myself?!!
Sonia Gaxdhi ‏@SoniGaxdhi
Dear @DrYumYumSingh If you can block your rivals why can’t you block Rahul’s rivals? #BlockModi
Retweeted by Dr Moneymohan Singh

But as babu-dom goes, MTNL has entirely blocked Twitter, which means people cant access the twitter account of our Pradhan Mantri … not that anyone wants to.

The defiant one tweets

I’m not dead. I’ve been reborn. To escape censorship.

Try using proxy servers and google dns to bypass the ban.

Looks like the CongI UPA is growing up , the block it seems has been lifted.


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