IRCTC Deposit scheme

The IRCTC has proposed a one-time registration fee of around Rs 200-250 and a minimum deposit of around Rs 1,500-2,000 for the service. Users can top up their RDS account balance by using any of the available payment gateways and can also transfer money from their bank accounts to their IRCTC accounts and book tickets using that RDS account.

IRCTC to launch deposit scheme for faster bookings

The Scheme, it seems is structured to facilitate agents rather than regular consumers, because agents regularly book tickets using dummy accounts on an ongoing basis.

It is going to be a failure as an avg person may book not more than 5 to 10 tickets in a year, and asking him to block 1500 without interest and pay for a fee of 250 is ridiculous.

A simpler system would be to force every site user to give id proof  while opening an irctc account sort of like kyc.

Next to allow prepayment of appx ticket fair before each booking via card or netbanking, as a temporary deposit or TD which gets automatically refunded the next day if ticket is not booked.

System can then debit money from that deposit while confirming the booking.


2 thoughts on “IRCTC Deposit scheme

  1. Except for the fee of Rs..250 for One Time Registration I welcome this move. While booking tickets you have to move in between to your Banking site, and then come back to irctc to finish the transacation. this could be avoided and the process could become faster. irctc would definitley be with large amount of funds 1500 X 5000000= 7500000000 ( Assuming 50 lakhs to join the scheme) 750 crores. They should think of reducing the oNe Time REgn charges. Ts. 100 would be safe.

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