Indian Railways Ticket booking guide

1. Advance Booking for Indian Railways Tickets can be done 4 mths or 120 days in advance.

2. Senior Citizen Concession : Carry ID proof and demand Senior citizen ticket concession while booking.

Men :60yrs and above Women 58 Yrs and above


3. Quotas : There are multiple quotas and the most used is the Ladies quota.

Check out Quota Codes 

4. International tourists : Can book 360 days in advance under quota.

More details about facilities

5. Ticket booking faqs

Tickets for in season trains get booked within a few hours or days of opening of booking window as touts and agents do dummy booking and block tickets.

Rules for cancellation / Refund

Generally if there is no demand, touts and agents cancel dummy bookings 24 hours before departure of a train, which… when added to unused seats from multiple quotas free up seats for RAC and wait list passengers who climb up the ladder.

General / Unreserved tickets are issued upto 3 days in advance… I would not recommend long distance unreserved journey as general coaches do get filled to 300% of capacity or more during season.

PNR No / STATUS indicates the Passengers Current Status in the queue.

Quote the 10 digit PNR Number indicated on the upper left hand corner of your ticket, to find out the current status nearest Computerized Reservation Centre or call 139  (IVRS)  or go online and chect here

Ticketing / Reservation queue

 Waiting list=> RAC Reservation against Cancellation => Confirmed seat/berth.

RAC indicates Reservation against Cancellation. It entitles you to board the train and pray to the TC to adjust you somewhere. You will most likely get a seat but not a bunk to sleep in .

Understanding Availability Enquiry

RAC 66/RAC 62 : Out of the total 65 RAC tickets 61 have already been booked.

WL 70/WL 5 : RAC capacity is full. Out of the total 70 Waitlist tickets 4 have already been booked.

A berth is split into 2 seats for 2 RAC ticket holders, if there’s any last minute cancellations, or if any quota allocations remain unsold, or if any confirmed ticket holders are given a free upgrade (more later), an RAC ticket holder is given the empty berth, the other RAC ticket holder can then convert the 2 seats into a berth.

A Wait list ticket doesn’t entitle you to board a train…it indicates your position in queue.

Reading your Ticket.

First line  / Top : PNR NO > Train No > Date > other details

Middle : Coach > Seat Berth

Bottom / Last line : Train Name / Boarding Station> Departure Date > Time.

The railways indicators show train no/ name and Platform no from where where you have to board that train. Board your correct berth … in case you are late just enter the train and make way to your berth.


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  1. thanks, for providing all services in railway reservation. it also providede in online reservation opportunities for all peoples.

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