English Vinglish is worth watching!

English Vinglish is a wonderful watch and has put Gauri Shinde up in the league of talented directors and writers and the script shows her talent and her eye for detail.

The script, strongly woman centric and about a housewife facing a sort of midlife crises. Gauri has dealt with the sensitive subject rather wonderfully.

The script is strong and Sridevi’s dialogue and body language is great …  Just that too much collagen has left her face partially devoid of expression. Priya Anand is a find, a good actress, and the entire supporting cast has performed well. Kudos to the hunky Mehdi Nebbou for some real nice acting. The Swanand Kirire / Amit Trivedi team has dished out some decent music with meaningful lyrics.

The movie is a light hearted entertainer that enthralls you and keeps you interested till the very end, and is certainly worth a watch especially if you are with a family.

Imdb link


Rating ****/*****


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