The Vadra-DLF Tagle

RTI / IAC activist and  Ramon Magsaysay Award winner, Ex IRS turned politician Arvind Kejriwal… has exposed the tangle between DLF and Robert Vadra in his recent expose.

Simple question here is why did DLF a company neck deep in debt having a debt: equity ratio of close to 1:1, doing a fire sale of assets to reduce debt on its highly leveraged balance sheet give Vadra interest free debt be it a loan or an advance?

Direct Involvement:

1. DLF  2. Robert Vadra, the fastest Indian billionaire in recent times with an estimated net worth of a staggering $2.1 Billion, husband of Priyanka Vadra , daughter of Sonia Gandhi and a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family by marriage.

Robert Shares the directorship with his mother Maureen,  others in his family died either by accident or by suicide. Strangely.. his wife Priyanka Vadra has no stake in his companies , which if not sexist is nothing but ring-fencing the brahmastra of Congress.

Indirect Involvement (Nepotism angle)(Crony Capitalism angle):

1. IndiRan National Congress, State and Central Govts and their govt machinery. 2. PSU Banks that provided Loans to DLF and Vadra. 3. Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra.

Read Hindu: Attack on Vadra is attack on party: Congress

Now Robert Vadra is no ordinary man or aam admi as he first claimed, and being the son in law of the first family of Indian politics has loads of perks. He is a special person or khass admi, as he is exempted from airport security checks , a privilege reserved for President, Vice President, Prime Minister, former presidents, former vice-presidents, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chief Justice of India etc … Read this

The SPG Act is a draconian law passed by Indira Gandhi and he is a Special Case as per Mr P Chidambaram in a reply to an RTI Query by a team member of  Avnish Singhs RTI Anonymous.

This news is not new, it was a tad bit stale… but no media house or political party risked itself or its sweat heart deals or its fortunes by exposing the nepotism in the system fearing loss of business, exposure of skeletons in cupboard, the full force of govt machinery DRI CBI etc.. you get the drift!

Robert Vadra posted a message on his Facebook account which read: “Mango people in banana republic.” before closing it.

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Look closely at all the Robert Vadras of Indian politics

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DLF borrows money at 12.38%; lends free to Vadra

Auditors too think DLF and Vadra may have lied about the ‘advance’

 Of course, Robert Vadra is right! We are a ‘banana republic’

BS Vadra: ‘A little help from my friends’


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