The Art of making super Medu Wadas

Trick involved in making Medu Wadas soft and fluffy and tasty is in getting the batter right. Trust me i have got it right, and made the most fluffy golden wadas on the 6th attempt.

Urad Dal : As per requirement, 250 gms should give you, i guess at least 12 vadas depending upon the size of the vadas and Salt and Hing or Asofetida to taste  . Oil to fry

Optional Ingredients : Coconut shavings / pieces, crushed Black Pepper, Curry or Coriander leaves, Fresh chilly finely diced and de-seeded, diced Onions.

Soak Urad daal in roughly 1.5 times water overnight or for at least 4 hours till they fluff up and  soak up the water. They should crush when pressed firmly.

Option 1: Use a Stone Grinder to get best results…

Most Important While making batter dont add water by the glass full, add drops of water if and when required. The batter should be viscous , and once lifted with a spoon it should take 15 to 20 seconds to fall back. You may need to whip the batter with a whipper or a spoon so it turns milky white. Good batter swims on water slightly above water level.

Option 2: Take the urad daal in a Food processor having a minimum wattage of 400 watts. Add salt and start grinding the batter slowly till it is of a coarse consistency. Do not grind it to a fine paste.

Option 3: Mixer Grinder batter making is most time consuming and challenging. Using minimal water grind in batches on medium to high speed with a 2 minute ON, 2 minutes or more Off/cool down process . It is stressful for the motor and patience is required. Else you will burn out your mixers motor.

Once the batter is ready remove it to a bowl and add optional ingredients and fluff. Keep a bowl with water and handle batter with wet hands at all times

Rolling the batter in a ball and making the centre hole and throwing the batter in medium hot requires method and practice, watch Wah Chefs video to get it right.

If you don’t have the skill or confidence make small balls roughly 1 inch in diameter and fry. If your batter is too watery don’t fret, use it for making dosas by adding it to a rice batter in ratio 1 part Urad batter to 3 or 4 Parts Boiled rice or Ukda tandul batter. Dosas require superfine batter rested overnight in a warm place so that it ferments.

Storage : Freeze batter , defreeze 2 hrs in advance.

Eat Wadas with Chutney and Sambaar.

Coconut Chutni /Chatni /Chutney(Make fresh in smaller quantities).

Grated Coconut 4 parts : *Chana dal 1 part, 1 inch Ginger , Chopped Green chilly or dry chilly or chilly flakes, small ball of tamarind and salt to taste . Optional : a handful of Mint and Coriander

Lightly roast each ingredient separately on iron tawa, and them mix and grind with minimal quantity of water.

Give a tadka of small Mustard seeds or Raii, broken byedgi chilli, urad daal, and Curry leaves preferably in coconut oil.


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