Printer Inkjet Cartridge Cleaning, Refilling and Maintainance.

I tried my hand at refilling my old Canon PIXMA iP1800 a part of the 1600/1700 /  printer series .HP inkjet cleaning ain’t too different.


Ink Level Monitoring

Disable the ink level monitors after re-filling the cartridges. Go to properties, maintenance, view printer status, option and uncheck enable status monitor.

Fault Finding and Service

Printer Service required : Printer Properties /Maintenance

1. Printer head Alignment : for Misaligned prints.

2. Roller Cleaning : If there are vertical lines on the paper it is the rollers that are the problem. If rollers make a creaking sound oil the roller ends.

3. Smudges : Bottom plate cleaning

Cartridge problems

1. Cartridge not detected /doesn’t recognize the Ink Cartridge : Ink  has dried up completely on the rectangular head.

2. If prints are bad, or if  there are horizontal white lines in place of ink on the paper the Ink Cartridge nozzles partially blocked.

Cartridge Cleaning using Software

Using Cleaning option in Maintainance can rid you of minor clogs in the cartridge.

Deep cleaning is a sheer waste of ink, and is best avoided.

Manual Cleaning involves using IPA or warm to boiling hot water to unclogg and loosen up dried ink from the head of the cartridge nozzles. A clean head leaves a neat ink train on a soft tissue. Cleaning involves :-

1. Using a clean soft tissue dabbed in  Iso Propyl Alcohol , to wipe the head.

2. Using a clean soft tissue dabbed in warm water, to wipe the head.

3. Soaking the ink cartridge head in warm water for 2 to 5 minutes.

4. Soaking a clogged ink cartridge head in hot water for 2 to 5 minutes.

4. Soaking a undetectable ink cartridge head in boiling hot water for 3 minutes or using steam to clean them up .

6. Opening a dead cartridge and cleaning it up with hot water and then resealing it.

You can spray the clogged head with hot water too and wipe with cotton or a soft dry paper tissue.

Chk out :

How to Manually Clean an HP Ink-Jet Cartridge

Removing Air Bubbles From Ink Cartridge Print Head

Refilling Cartridges

Dont let the empty cartridge run dry, keep empty cartridge airtight by putting a tape over the head or cling wrapping them, emulate how new cartridges have orange tape.

Refill from a good/reputed re-filler or he will damage the cartridge. Else buy a kit with ink specific to your printer, 5 /10 cc syringes and needles and a universal suction adapter to remove air bubbles.

DIY refilling is messy business. Black is easy, Color cartridges are more difficult to refill. Clean the cartridge head before a refill.

Instructions on how to clean Hp cartridges (Mute volume)

HP Cartridge Refill video

Canon Cartridge Refill video (Mute volume)

Counter Reset tips for Canon Pixma  1600/1700/1800  printer series series:

1. Switch on the printer and press Resume button and hold for 1 – 2 minutes

2. Open the cover remove the cartridge and then put them in.

3. Close The Cover, turn off the printer,  turn it on again.

Or you can use IPTool software to reset the page counter when you use refilled cartridges. Download IPTool

*Images are not mine .

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