Buying a Gas Geyser

Gas Geysers are environmentally and pocket friendly, and as electricity costs soar most people are switching to them.

Pic: Venus Gas Geysers

My Recos :

Buy a gas geyser from a reliable manufacturer with

  1. A 6 or 6.5 litre minimum one if you plan to connect a shower to it,
  2. Something suitable for low and high pressure,
  3. two burner setting to save energy,
  4. oxygen depletion monitor,
  5. 20 minute timer and flame failure protection,
  6. Good quality Heavy Copper Heat Exchanger for Long Life.

Check for Thermal Efficiency and of the heat exchanger  …85 % is optimum.


As one is dealing with gas , get it installed correctly and get the copper piping checked regularly. Keep the cylinder outside the bathroom and give it a proper exaust vide flue vent/pipe so that waste gas including carbon dioxide and monoxide does not kill you over the short or long term.

Market Products you should check out

1. Racold Products

2. Surya 

3. Nipco Delux 

4. Suraksha

5. Indo Plus 6.5

6. Venus 

7. AOSmith


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