Is Lic the new ATM that funds the Congress UPA govt disinvestment ?

The seeds of the failure of UTI 64 were sown by bureaucrats, trustees and politicians … some of the current lot like Mr MMS and Mr Mukharjee had seen scams or wrongdoings during their tenure and Mr PC had not allowed the CBI to act against  RIL. 

History they say repeats itself if people never learn…


LIC turns out to be the government’s ATM, buys record amount of bonds and PSU stocks

How the ONGC share sale fiasco unfolded – Livemint

ONGCOffer for Sale turns out to be a fiasco | IPO, FPO

ONGC allotment shows LIC was virtually lone institutional bidder

LIC is now the govt disinvestment ATM that has been readily bailing out most of the PSUs on the OFS and FPO block…

LIC may not crash suddenly or face a run on the bank sort of a situation like UTI 64 where most well informed large investors be it PSUs like SBI or PVt cos like TATA and RELIANCE withdrew funds causing a freeze post the year end closure…

But LIC could give very very low yield or return to its investors …or policyholders who have entrusted it with their long term savings… One can even speculate a future bailout of LIC by using taxpayer funds .

Is it Prudent to invest only in LIC Term Plans?


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