Cheap non Nokia Dual Sim Mobiles

Was looking for a cheap non nokia dual sim mobile under Rs 1500/2000 having ordinary features and a solid battery.

Buy Intex Yuvi+: MobileBuy Intex U-AA: MobileBuy Karbonn Sound Wave K451+: Mobile

For me the top two in terms of price performance was Intex Yuvi+ vs Karbonn Sound Wave K451+

Dealer or Distributor rates were at least 5% lower than what flipkart sells them at.

Intex in terms of preference :-  Flipkart comparison 

Other Similar mobiles :- Comparison on Flipkart

All dual sim comparison on Flipkart

Intex Yuvi+… Good phone overall battery 1800 Mah

My top choice : Positives Great screen, smooth UI, good overall performance. Negatives … Speaker a bit low , UI could be better, No select multiple sms,  Only mass storage connectivity.

Intex U-AA … Mega battery 2100 Mah solid phone

Intex Killer …Similar specs to Yuvi+… Screen like UAA, more functions

Karbonn Sound Wave K451+

Micromax X263

Karbonn Jumbo K9

Micromax X1i XTRA


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