Subsidized Vegetables in Mumbai

As the Congress UPA 2 govts election promise of lower inflation and cheaper prices has turned out to be nothing but a hoax and an election gimmick , most vegis are now beyond reach of the aam admi or lower middle class Mumbaikar.

Cartelization of traders and retailers is an open secret, and such cartels run with the blessings and patronage of the political elite … So the new pre election yr stunt is to provide affordable sorry wrong word, cheaper than retail prices for veggis at select outlets. Here is the list of expanding network of such centres opened by a desperate govt that has failed in one of the most fundamental promises !!

List is expanding and includes most (Check out ur local)

Sahakari Bhandars

Apna Bazaars

Supari Baugs

Consumer coop s

Dmart s

Ur welcome to help by commenting


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