Mumbai’s BEST Bus disservice

For some time now BEST is a disservice monopoly running perpetually in losses, running empty buses, increasing fares and worse.

BEST Transport is a failing institution with an inept management and a trade union run by S Rao, that has been so successful at bargaining for workers that I, a customer feels that it is run more for paying the unions and the management their pay rather than for service of the aam mumbaikar or common man.

They run the AC buses empty during off peak hours , the ac bus acquisition some say were meant to bail out a private operator whose operations failed.  Empty buses don’t have time to pick up passengers at a stop sometimes early in the morning and at nite !

U see Two buses playing follow the leader on regular basis. There are no buses at lunch / dinner time sometimes… and almost a dozen playing follow the leader post lunch.

They have drastically cut routes and frequency but not staff or management expenses which is among st the largest cost !

They have spent a lot of money going electronic with trimax … such a waste

U renew ur pass online spending 10 minutes … u still stand in line for half an hr at some god forsaken depot stop with people who want to renew their pass just to update ur buss pass ..10 minutes waste! So why go online ?

It takes more time to print a ticket ! u cant change busses , and have to wait for some busses for 40 minutes minimum sometimes. U stand in line at a depot for a pass … waste more time waiting for a conductor to check that pass

A paper pass would be better and serve the same purpose.They are supposed to have gps Online Bus Tracking System in buses …

They are supposed to have gps Online Bus Tracking System in buses .

does it work ?

U tell me , cause i could manage to create a login as my phone was already reg.

but they never sent me a forgot password on my email !

Their website is horrid ! Worse is their customer feedback page !

On wasting ur 10 minutes to complain u realize …  they never bloody bother !

An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.

If you are the system administrator please click here to find out more about this error.


Gone are the days of my childhood when riding the double decker 66 was a fun ride …

BEST is now more like bekar bus service.


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