Cheap Nokia Dual sim

Was looking for a cheap nokia dual sim that could use my BL 5C batteries from my old nokias and concluded that there were 2 options under Rs 2500

Nokia 114 and Nokia 101beauty-shot-1


Flipkart comparison,MOBD2DXET2W6QK9D

Phonearena compare,Nokia-101/phones/7591,6111

Both have no USB connectivity
If u need a camera, Bluetooth and Sim hot swapping go for 114
If u need a torch 101 is ur phone.

Here is my post on Cheap non Nokia Dual sim Mobiles that give more bang for the buck !

Chinese budget smartphones tablets and phablets

Was checking  out top of the line chinese budget tabs and smartphones, that most chinese locals buy. Now a days there are multiple cos that import chinese devices and sell them under their own brand name. Eventually these companies would be having their distribution in place in India and the current lot of cos like Micromax etc will face a direct challenge from them.

Most are mainly customized to Chinese languages as of today but things are rapidly changing as english language phones have started trickling out from these manufacturers. Beware u have to be a techie and learn a lot of tweaks or u will land up being frustrated if you buy such a device.

Check out reviews  at

Ali express top sellers

Pandawill is also a leading exporter site

Quad Core Budget Smartphones Xolo Q800 vs Canvas HD A116 vs Titanium S5 vs Wammy Titan 2 vs Wammy Passion

The new bunch of Budget Quad Core mobiles are finally out and this is how things stack before the post budget tax increases kick in..

The war is between :-

Micromax Canvas HD A116 vs Lava Xolo Q800  vs Karbonn Titanium S5 vs Wammy Titan 2 vs Wammy Passion y

Though the Specs are similar on paper, Wammy passion is the overall leader on the specs front , the Titanium S5  leads with a wallet friendly pricing and would be the most desirable if they get their act together at the software end.

Comparison of the Specifications  here .

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Review

WickedLeak Wammy Passion Review

Micromax Canvas HD A116 second batch delivery s are delayed due to issues and post budget prices will go up to Rs 14,499 …

Lava Xolo Q800 sells on Flipkart at  Rs. 12499

Karbonn Titanium S5 sells on Snapdeal at Rs 11990

WickedLeak Wammys  Titan 2 , Wammy Passion sell at Rs 13990 and 15499

Printer Inkjet Cartridge Cleaning, Refilling and Maintainance.

I tried my hand at refilling my old Canon PIXMA iP1800 a part of the 1600/1700 /  printer series .HP inkjet cleaning ain’t too different.


Ink Level Monitoring

Disable the ink level monitors after re-filling the cartridges. Go to properties, maintenance, view printer status, option and uncheck enable status monitor.

Fault Finding and Service

Printer Service required : Printer Properties /Maintenance

1. Printer head Alignment : for Misaligned prints.

2. Roller Cleaning : If there are vertical lines on the paper it is the rollers that are the problem. If rollers make a creaking sound oil the roller ends.

3. Smudges : Bottom plate cleaning

Cartridge problems

1. Cartridge not detected /doesn’t recognize the Ink Cartridge : Ink  has dried up completely on the rectangular head.

2. If prints are bad, or if  there are horizontal white lines in place of ink on the paper the Ink Cartridge nozzles partially blocked.

Cartridge Cleaning using Software

Using Cleaning option in Maintainance can rid you of minor clogs in the cartridge.

Deep cleaning is a sheer waste of ink, and is best avoided.

Manual Cleaning involves using IPA or warm to boiling hot water to unclogg and loosen up dried ink from the head of the cartridge nozzles. A clean head leaves a neat ink train on a soft tissue. Cleaning involves :-

1. Using a clean soft tissue dabbed in  Iso Propyl Alcohol , to wipe the head.

2. Using a clean soft tissue dabbed in warm water, to wipe the head.

3. Soaking the ink cartridge head in warm water for 2 to 5 minutes.

4. Soaking a clogged ink cartridge head in hot water for 2 to 5 minutes.

4. Soaking a undetectable ink cartridge head in boiling hot water for 3 minutes or using steam to clean them up .

6. Opening a dead cartridge and cleaning it up with hot water and then resealing it.

You can spray the clogged head with hot water too and wipe with cotton or a soft dry paper tissue.

Chk out :

How to Manually Clean an HP Ink-Jet Cartridge

Removing Air Bubbles From Ink Cartridge Print Head

Refilling Cartridges

Dont let the empty cartridge run dry, keep empty cartridge airtight by putting a tape over the head or cling wrapping them, emulate how new cartridges have orange tape.

Refill from a good/reputed re-filler or he will damage the cartridge. Else buy a kit with ink specific to your printer, 5 /10 cc syringes and needles and a universal suction adapter to remove air bubbles.

DIY refilling is messy business. Black is easy, Color cartridges are more difficult to refill. Clean the cartridge head before a refill.

Instructions on how to clean Hp cartridges (Mute volume)

HP Cartridge Refill video

Canon Cartridge Refill video (Mute volume)

Counter Reset tips for Canon Pixma  1600/1700/1800  printer series series:

1. Switch on the printer and press Resume button and hold for 1 – 2 minutes

2. Open the cover remove the cartridge and then put them in.

3. Close The Cover, turn off the printer,  turn it on again.

Or you can use IPTool software to reset the page counter when you use refilled cartridges. Download IPTool

*Images are not mine .

Avoid Alcatel mobiles

I had bought an Alcatel mobile and i now much regret the decision due to the non existent service in Mumbai.

Their site address is

Indian Non existant Support18002748877 / +91 11 47367700

A call to their no lead me to an amature who gave me another number which when called lead me to a 4 yr old .

Alcatel is a global major that has  pathetic service standards!

Budget Laser Printers – Comparing Canon 2900B, Samsung ML1676, HP1020 Plus and HP P1007.

Canon 2900B, Samsung ML – 1676 & HP1020 Laser Printers

HP1020 & Canon 2900B are the two most popular budget compact monochrome Laser Printers sold in India, and are targetted at the Home /SOHO segment . Printers compared are USB models with a 1 Yr Warranty.

Check out

Flipcart: HP1020 vs Canon 2900B vs Samsung ML – 1676 Specs

CompareIndia: HP LaserJet P1007 vs HP LaserJet 1020 Plus vs Canon Laser Shot LBP2900 vs Samsung ML – 1666 

HP 1020*( with demo toner 12A) costs around Rs6500 to 7000 and is the best of the lot. Its HP 12A Black Toner Cartridge /Model Q2612A  with 2000 pages print capacity retails on Flipcart at Rs. 3190.

Canon 2900B comes for Rs 6000 to 6600.  Canon EP 303 Toner Cartridge with 2000 pages print capacity retails on Flipcart at  Rs. 3688 Canon Accepts certain HP Cartriges.

HP LaserJet P1007*( with demo toner 88A)(Costs appx Rs 5000) with a single tray is more compact than the HP1020 Plus  and its toner HP LaserJet CC388A has a lower capacity of 1500 prints and costs almost the same as a 12A.

Samsung ML – 1676 is the ultra compact, fast printer that offers the highest resolution of upto1200x1200 dpi , with a slightly lower built quality in comparison to Canon. Samsung Black MLT D1043S Toner Cartridge costs 3041 on flipcart and has a 1500 pg capacity. You may face problems refilling it or finding spare cartridges and servicing it post warranty period.

Overall HP scores over the Canon and Samsung in terms of built quality, size, weight, compatibility and general availability of spares, repairs and refilling of toners.

HP Printers sell with a demo cartridge with a limited initial print capacity so u need to spend on refilling or a new toner cartridge asap.

HP/ Samsung toners  come with a chip that measures ink usage and needs to be changed /reset with every refill… which means added costs.

As things keep changing check if the new printer you are buying has a demo cartridge and an ink measuring chip.

Copy Cartriges without chips are available for HP and Canon, check for others.

Faultfinding my Whirlpool 350 L FF Elite Refrigerator

I have been taken for a ride by the Whirlpool Service guys n number of times as most likely than not you have too. If you figure out the system u could diy repair or make sure that the service man is qualified or some anadi sent by the service co. In India the multi-meter is an alien object to the repair guy. No wonder we face shoddy service.

The 7 year contract of my Whirlpool FF 350 L Elite model , imported from brazil,  REFRIGERATOR BRASTEMP BRM35A 350 FROST FREE  just ran out, and the way the service standards of whirlpool are, continuity tester in hand  i bravely decided on doing the faultfinding myself. Actually most FF fridges are similar and the same rules apply to most fridges..

Chk out my Detailed Faultfinding Post Here



Will Hyundais EON be India`s disruptive car of 2011?

Post Steve Jobs a lot of people are talking about disruptive , game changing technologies and products that brought in a new standard and marked a paradigm  shift, such that before after comparisons were made since that product or tech was launched.

Eon (Zigwheels)

Will Hyundai`s  Eon  (click for review) manage to be the disruptive small car in India`s small car market ?

Tata Nano has tried hard but failed .

It has been launched at an introductory price of between Rs 2.69 lakh and Rs 3.71 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

Adsl Problems?

Are u facing ADSL problems? Weak DSL signal? Frequent disconnections?Line disturbance in your phones?

The most likely cause is a bad line or improper wiring, is the tambaku eating wireman that has no clue about wiring for dsl connections. Other causes could also be long wire lengths, poor connections, multiple wires, multiple connectors, improper grounding and other variables.ADSL modems are good at working around noise on the line, but do so at the expense of top download speed and latency (delay).

So the most important thing to tweak a dsl connection is to split the signal from the incoming wire into POTS(low-pass) and ADSL (high-pass) as early as possible or at every telephone connection using an ADSL splitter.

The circuit diagram goes something like this.

The other problem could be bad wires (cut , crushed shorted etc) or poor quality crimping of lan wires, which can be rectified by substituting the wires. If nothing works try using another ADSL router or analyzing  the stats/data  from the modem.

TRAI an on paper regulator?

TRAI or Telecom regulatory authority of India is the country’s Telecom regulator. It is another issue that the real power of regulation or dispute resolution and enforcement of regulation lies in the hands of InB Minister and Telecoms minister, GOI.

TRAI is supposed to be a customer friendly organisation , but by the look of it , it is more industry friendly and has done precious little in terms of aiding customers and worse in enforcing the orders that they pass. Lets look at the facts:-


The TRAI seems like  a vassal to the Telecoms ministry.

Mobile Number Portability:

Several orders and deadlines have come and gone but still no number portability , the latest deadline October 31st.

Telemarketing Calls

The telemarketing calls/smss  still continue unabated, after several attempts by the regulator at curbing the menace. But fear not, there is hope in the air, as something will be done very soon because the Finance minister has joined the list of harrowed customers, and the Telecom Raja has gotten cracking.

As things go in this oligarchic land of junior maharajas (public representatives), unless babus or vip netas suffer the fate of the aam admi, nothing gets done, lest it annoy some vote bank or lobby.

Entertainment/ Broadcasting

DTH Interoperability/ Portability:

Telecom Regulatory of Authority of India is serious about interoperability.

TRAI working to make Interoperability of DTH Set top Boxes a reality
Fact is ‘DTH interoperability not possible

Worse nothing concrete has been done about portability.
TRAI Considers Bringing DTH Portability; Issues & Implications

End status : Most operators circumvent the rules and lock their boxes, such that  no customer can make any changes or program the boxes.

Choose ur own channel:

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued its tariff order for 2010, for digital addressable systems – such as DTH and IPTV – and has insisted that customers must be given free choice of pay channels, than be forced to pick from a bunch of pre-set bouquet arrangements.
The change must be made by September this year and the final deadline will be January 2011 if operators needed extra time for technical upgrade.

Current status : No DTH operators website is  offering an A La Carte option in their channels bouquet.