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This page is specially created for those hobbyists who get a thrill out of  setting up dishes to pick up free tv

The other reason is that people discuss about free tv channels and dd direct the only free dth broadcaster. So now on ur comments are welcome here

Hope this helps ! Click on links for info

Lyngsat Channels Asia

Lyngsat Free Channels India

Lyngsat Insat4B : DD DIRECT PLUS

Lyngsat NSS6 :  DISH TV temp unencrypted channels

Lyngsat ST1: for Videocon Basket mpeg 4

Lyngsat Measat 3 : for Big Tv etc mpeg 4

 How to install ? Where to Install?

Choose the correct spot to install the dish. The location should not be too windy . Make sure that the area facing the dish has no trees or buildings or obstructions and the dish is aligned to the satellite/s . Anchor the dish firmly.

Satellite alignment calculator

My help page  Tuning In to DTH.

Multi LNB – Multi Satellite Installation / C band setups

Ranjit Koleys Setup

How to Tune ?

for DD Direct LNB Frequency will be 09750, 22K mode will be OFF and TP’s are as follows

10990 V 27500
11070 V 27500
11150 V 27500
11490 V 27500
11570 V 27500

for Dish TV below TP will be as LNB 09750, 22K mode OFF

11090 H 29500
11037 H 40700
11172 H 27500
12535 V 40700

for Dish TV below TP will be as LNB 10600, 22K mode ON

12595 V 40700  Zee Tamil, FTV India & India TV
12595 H 40700
12638 V 13300
12647 H 27500
12688 H 27500
12688 V 27500
12728 V 27500

If you have high speed broadband and want to see tv on ur computer

try using the Raedon Player.


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  1. Iam from kerala.iam not getting kairali tv from this it encrypted from dd direct plus platform.why not dd add any new channels in place of their remaining test you know about the details of the upcoming channels.please reply,regards.

  2. lbb. it seems that only promos n test signals were shown on dd dth for real tv, to geenrate public interest 4 new channel. its not likely to see such channels who r money minded. (those who take money from both advertisers n viewers’ subscription.)

  3. New two dishtvfta channels are available on dd direct plus. Hamar tv-lnb freq-09750,downlink freq-11745,symbl rate-40718,polarity-H,22K Tone-on. FOCUS TV-lnb freq-09750,down freq-11684,symbrate-40718,polarity-V,22k tone-on. Enjoy.

  4. I think there is something wrong about TP & SR. Because there is no any TP as 11745 H 40718. So please check it carefully before any Post.

    Dont make any wrong/False comments in here

    Tomorrow I will give you the correct information

  5. I got those two channels after the autoscan with lnb freq-09750 &22k-on with free+ mode.but now both channels are encrypted.i see those channels were working well in the evening upto’s not a wrong information.the tp frequency &symbol rate i given in above post is from my receiver’s display.regards….

  6. you are right. Its true that Focus, Humar TV added in Dish TV , not as Free.

    But TP & symbol rate were wrong. I see this channels as encrypted mode. Actually few new channels add on Dish TV

  7. Dear ranajit,how much is the cost for a 6feet c band dish and lnb.can i watch all the malayalam channels many channels can i get from a 6feet dish.pls give me the list of channels available through a 6feet c band dish or mail me.dd direct plus is very worst.because they removed 2 malayalam channels from their’s a great loss for malayalee viewers,because kairali tv is a good entertainment channel.

  8. Dear ranajit,pls give me the details of a 6 ft c band dish with actual cost and other many channels can i got through it?can i watch all malayalam channels through it.pls reply,regards.

  9. Hi friends,i have a dd direct dish and c band dual lnb dish..i was using a reciever named sharp vision…now channels including india vision are freezing..could you suggest a reciever which i could buy..also what is lnb freq i have 5150 for c it correct..please reply

  10. Hi you can buy a dual lnb metal 6 feet dish for approx 2750rs including installation charges…you will get all malayalam channels and freeto air tamil channels..2nd lnb for surya and kiran etc tell them you need it..also attach dddirect dish my disec switch so you could get around 150 fta channels i have this in my home…

  11. Hi ranajit my dd direct lnb was replaced now the problem i am facing is that all the signals are coming in horizontal than vertical i tried rotation but could not correct it..also now i cant pick nss6 what could be done…is it a problem with lnb or my lack of expertise in field..

  12. DEAR SIR

  13. I have bought a 6 feet dish and now iam getting around 160 fta channels with two c band doubt is that is it possible to view additional fta channels from another satellites if i clamp a ku band lnb with the 6 feet dish.pls give the details of the satellites from which ku band channels are available with 6 feet dish.and also give the frequecies of the transponders.pls reply ,

  14. Through 6ft Dish you can Instal 3 C Band LNB & 1 Ku Band LNB to get maximum numbers of Channels. Better combination will be 78.5 (Thaicom) in Prime and 2 side LNB at 68.5 deg (Intelsat 10) & Insat 2E/4A and one Ku Band LNB for 95 deg (Dish TV & DD Direct Plus) From this setup you can get morethan 325 Free TV Channels

    Otherwise you can set as 83 deg in Prime, 78.5 deg & 93.5 C Band in side & 1 Ku Band for Protostar or used your old DD Direct Dish to get DD Direct Plus. 93.5 C & Ku from single dish is not possible except Combo LNB. So use different Dish for it.

    1. Hello.., please tell me & send photographs of dish setup for 6fit dish multi lnb using, i wish to use Intelsat 20 & Insat 4A. Now i able to use Insat 4A, Thicom 5, Apstar 7, Insat 3C. Now i am using single lnb, not multi lnb…
      Send me details :

  15. with 6 ft dish, can one watch maximum fta channels with dish fixed to one direction only (say like in dd dth satelites) ie without rotating it n how many channels can b seen. as its not practically possible to rotate it. n almost impossible to hv 2-3 dish of 6 ft in different directions.

  16. For multi LNB setup you dont need to move your Dish. Fixed your dish to 78.5 deg Thaicom or Insat 2E and install other LNB side by side. you will get maximum 350 FTA TV Channels . to get 4 satellite you need only one dish, not 2-3

    1. Hello Mr. Ranajit…, please tell me & send photographs of dish setup for 6fit dish multi lnb use, i wish to use Intelsat 20 & Insat 4A. Now i able to use Insat 4A, Thicom 5, Apstar 7, Insat 3C. Now i am using single lnb, not multi lnb…
      Send me details :

    2. your help for channel code send my email for my dth gov . Channal help star plus freq code find ? Other channel help form mharhashtra

  17. Hai Ranajit,please give me the c band channel frequencies of isai aruvi & lee music…iam not getting those channels .

  18. @anees For all kalaigner channel (which includes isai aruvi) and lee music..Transponder freq-4005…symbol rate-25422…check for signal quality in the surya will come in it..

  19. anees which stb you use…you might need good signal quality in surya position to get these channels…you will get surya at lower signal…but for isaiaruvi etc you need to get above 50% in many recievers..i had this problem and had to fine tune my surya lnb precisely to get these channels…

  20. Hai manu,i got the kalaignar channels but the signal quality is too low(25-29).but iam getting the surya tv with signal quality 53-55.iam using IPOX it possible to increase the signal quality by rotating the lnb.i use the prime lnb as to point to 83 degree and the surya lnb is connected to the left side of the prime which side of prime lnb if i connect another lnb to get the channels from many channels we get from thaicom.if there any sports or movie channel from thaicom2&5(78 degree).

  21. There are 2 English good Movies Channels available Sterlite & Filmax and also you can get some good news channels, 2 Pakistani Movie Channels also.

    If you keep it in side LNB you can facing low signal problems from this satellite. but try to catch this

  22. @anees re aligning lnb will solve your problem…first try rotation..the service people who fix the dish just keep surya frequency which they will get easily.they dont check lee etc..i had the same problem with surya coming high signal but not other…i solved by rotating the lnb…you might easily get around 60% wit a bit of patience..keep kalaigner freq while doing this and later check surya is ok. .

  23. Hi, I’m from Kochi . I’ve recently bought a 6-feet dish but the technician who has installed it in my home have installed only one C-band lnb (in Insat 4b direction – Surya, Kairali etc receiving at 52-58 signal quality). He tried to connect another lnb to receive channels from insat 2e but was unsuccesful in doing so. Now after seeing the discussion in this page about multi-lnb setup to receive more than 300 channels using a single dish (oh my god) I wonder if that person was really a ‘technician’. Currently am able to watch channels only from Insat 4b. Roamed the whole city last saturday to get hold of a technician who is fully aware of this multi-lnb setup but seems like no one is interested in installing 6-feet dishes nowadays. All were recommending me to install tata skies and suns ..Now Is it easy to install additional lnb so that i can personally try out this?

  24. Yesterday i can see in a forum that the channels like discovery(english and hindi),animal planet,utv movies,udaya tv,udaya movies,etv,maa tv,fox discovery and entertainment channels etc….are now fta from tatasky at 83 degree(ku).is it true?.for getting the tatasky signal in which direction we can rotate the dd dth dish(right or left).the transponder parameters given in that forum is as follows. 11010mhz,H,27500.what is the lnb frequency of tatasky.please reply.i thanking you and the forum members for their great support for clearing the doubts.

  25. No its not true information. Once (before 3 month) all channels of this TP was free from Tatasky. Now they encrypt all the channels. to get Tatasky you need to move your dish left side. but now there is no any FTA channels

  26. Santhosh the techie you got must be a very very bad one to do this to you…with a 6feet duallnb dish you should get asianet,asianet news,asianet plus,surya,kiran,kairali,we,people,jaihind,amritha,india visio,yes india vision,manoramma,jeevan,ddmal,shalom,powervision…total 17mal channels and all tamil fta channels etc etc…if you have some technical know how give a try yourself…or you might need a good service man…the last one you got really cheated you..the one who sold you the dish might know some good ones…

  27. Hai Ranajit,is it possible to catch the signals of Asiasat 3s at 105.5 degree with out changing the dish is because that the channels like Btv,Ptv which are transmitting through this satellite will telecast the live action of T20 world cup crictet matches. Regards.

  28. Yes its possible to watch Asiasat 3S if you keep Insat 4B in Prime . If you try to receive Asiasat, Thaicom will not be available but its possible to get Insat 2E/4A

    I mean you can receive Insat 2E/4A C band
    Insat 4B C band
    and Asiasat 3S C band in a 6ft Dish easily

    Are you sure that BTV will live telecast T20 Worldcup ? you can get B TB with 90cm Dish also.

  29. Btv will telecast the T20 matches only on their terrestrial transmission.doordarshan will telecast india’s matches,semifinals and the final.they put an agreement with espn-star cricket officials.i got these information from a forum. Today i have got a new test channel from insat2e 83 degreeE.the channel name is’RR PROMO’.It shows the RR satellite distribution it a new channel.pls give the details of that channel if you know.the parameters are 4042,7420,V. REGARDS

  30. RR Sat is the leading satellite TV Channels Up linker. They Uplink various International Channels through various satellite all over the world. All the channels of that TP is provided by RR Sat. right now they leave a test card in that position.

  31. In Chandigarh, How to fix additional LNBs to get additional fta channels. will some body guide me preferable by a sketch for fixing the lnb,presently I am having asisat 3s fta channels. a detaile reply/infiormation will be thankfully received. as there is no such technitian available for the purpose locally.

  32. To- Mr Ranajit Koley
    Kindly help me by sending me in sketch form as to how & where additional lNBs can be fitted at ^feet dish at Chandigarh to get maximum fta channels. No techniation as such is available locally

  33. Hi Ranjeet, I am based at UAE. Will if be possible to watch INSAT 2E FTA channel Aakash Bangla from here. Can you please give me TP and other details (LNB frequency, power, 22K mode etc) to tune that channel. We get Asianet, JayaTV channels through building dish, but not able to tune Aakash Bangla.

  34. Mr. SatisH Kumar Please give me your email address, I will send you the setup picture, Procedure of installing side LNB

    Anupam, Its very tuff to get Aakash Bangla, but you can get CTVN AKD Plus, Channels 10, Sangeet Bangla, 24 Ghanta, Kolkata TV. If you want Aakash Bangla you can try Asiasat 4 from 122 deg, hope you will get Aakash bangla in 6ft dish. You can try Insat 2E for aaksh Bangla using 12ft or more big dish. It may come on it

    1. Mr. Ranajit
      I live in Srinagar, kashmir having latitude34 degree 39minutes N and 74degree 36minutes E. I have installed a 6Ft dish with dual pole single output c band lnb pointing towards asiasat 3S (105.5 degree E); which is working quite satisfactorily. I tried a lot to fix/adjust ku band lnb on the same dish, but failed totally. The ku band lnb neither picked up from asiasat 3s nor from any other adjacent satellite. I tried it for the whole day, but finally ended up with utter frustration.
      Would you mind help me in picking up available ku band signal from this dish. The illustration supported with detailed drawing shall be highly appreciated.
      Please contact me at

  35. Hai Ranajit.pls send me the setup procedure in detail to install side lnb to get signals from thaicom satellite.i instal the side lnb but i was failed to catch the email address is REGARDS

  36. I , need help for fixing additional LNB on my 60 Cm Ku Band dish for receiving additional fta channels, id poaaiblw, which is presently DDH signals from 4b/3a satellite in chandigarh. Can some body help me.

  37. Ranjeet, thank you for your reply.

    You are right, I am able to receive Kolkata TV. But are they transmitting program now. Because I have observed that what I receive here only recorded program (outdoor progarms recorded). I am not sure whether it is test channel or not. Can you please update on Kolkata TV’s transmission and proper frequency.

    Second thing, please give me tuning information (TP and other details -LNB frequency, power, 22K mode etc) for getting CTVN AKD Plus, Channels 10, Sangeet Bangla, 24 Ghanta. I have Fortech Star 5100plus satelite received. I have not seen the building dish so far. I will check dish size.

  38. Kolkata TV 4180 H 3233
    24 Ghanta 4151 H 6500
    CTVN AKD Plus 3853 H 3265
    Channel 10 – 3910 H 3600
    Sangeet Bangla 3923 H 13000

    For all C Band TV Channels All LNB frequency will 05150, No need extra 12v Power, and there is no factor in 22K switch in C band. So you can keep it ON or OFF as you wish. Normally we keep it OFF

    Some time Kolkata TV Broadcast recorded programs. It is not a test channel. Its broadcast regular news

  39. Dear Mr Koley.
    I have two dishes one for c band- 6 feet where I am using 2 lnbs( one each for V & H polarities) the second dish is 60 cm-Ku band for receiving DDH. Kindly send me your e-mail address to enable me to contact you, in case of any problem fixing additional lnbs.

    gratefully yours,

    Satish Kumar

  40. Dear Ranajit Koley,
    Did you get my e-mail address. awaiting Your
    esteemed response regarding fixing additional
    Lnbs on 6feet C-band & 60cm Ku-band dishes for viewing more fta channels.

    Thanks in advance.
    with regards.

    Satish Kumar

  41. Ranajit, Thanks for your help and support.

    I have tuned all the channels mentioned by you.

    I am not getting Aakash Bangla and DD Bangla, not even NE Bangla (which is on INSAT2E). Can you suggest some more Bengali channels (with frequencies) which I may get if I tune manually.

    I am getting Kolkata TV in two frequencies 4180 H 3233 and 3580 H 3255. But right now for last few days they are telecasting only recorded program. Any viewer of Kolkata TV can please comment / update.

    I am getting IBN Lokmat at 12272 H 3300. Can you tell me it is from which satellite? Then I can try some more channel from that.

    Thanks in advance – Anupam

  42. Anees & Satish Kumar , I will send you the details procedure for multi LNB setup in a single C Band Dish

    Anupam, You can get DD Bangla from Insat 4B in your location, you cant get more bengali channels from Thaicom 5, Telstar 10. to get other channels through from manual tuning please see
    its helps you

  43. Dear Ranajit koley,
    Thanks for your reply dated 15-6-09. I am eagerly awaiting required information.
    Satish Kumar.

  44. Hai Ranajit,i don’t got your reply.iam awaiting for please send me the detail procedure as early as possible to my e-mail address mentioned in the last post.

  45. Suryatv and kirantv started transmission in mpeg4 format on insat4b.the parameters are 4045,28000,H.Is there any possibility to stop the transmission of the two channels in the mpeg2 by the sunnetwork.How much cost an mpeg4 receiver have?.is it possible to watch all the fta channels in the mpeg2 & mpeg4 format through a mpeg4 receiver.pls reply .REGARDS

  46. Dear Mr. Ranajit
    This has a refererence to your advice dted 19-6-09. On seeing the site, from the pictures, I am not able to enderstand any thing, as to how put multi-Lnbs. I am not that expert, as informed I have positioned my 6 ft dish for receiving signal from Asiasat 3s, have I to move the dish to some other position ? if yes, which side/angle, beside how I position other lnbs correctly and at what distance/angle.if possible please elaborate.

  47. Anees,

    Yes, you can get both mpeg 2 & mpeg 4 with mpeg 4 receivers. Cost of free to air mpeg receivers is Rs. 5000/- onwards. After few month it will be decrese. As mpeg 4 is a newer technology and its Receivers are not available in local market. And even its is not approved in India Standard. I think it will be available soon in Indian market. After that buy it.

    Dear Satish Kumar,

    If you interested about Asiasat 3S, you have to leave Intelsat 10. My Setup is beamed at Thaicom 5 an I am able to get all satellite between Intelsat 10 to Insat 4B (68 deg to 95 deg). If you like Asiasat please keep Insat 4B C band in center. You can get Insat 2E/4A, Insat 4B & Asiasat 2, 3S Cband signal with 6ft Dish

    If you need any more help you can write me here

  48. Dear Ranajit, many thanks for your reply dated 21-6-09,what I could understand fro reply is that I move my dish towards insat 4 BC and feed its parameters in satilite receiver. After getting signal i fix other lnbs in straight line for other satellites. Asa layman I would like to know exact distance, right /left and angles for other LNBs. I shall be thank ful if you can guide me as if you are guiding any layman for fixing these LNbs by way of sketches. kindly give me your e-mail addres on my email I am just a hobbiest and not very technical man in this matter. thanks

  49. Dear Ranajit , there was an error in my email adress. pl. read my E-mail Id as
    “”. Thanks, awaiting
    detailed information for using multi LNBs.


  50. Hai Ranajit,thanks for your reply about multilnb setup.pls give the strong tp frequencies of thaicom at 78.5 degree and intelsat 10 at 68.5 degree;so that i can quickly catch the signal from that channels. REGARDS.

  51. 4160 V 2000 Kasikorn TV, 3454 V 3333 Avenues TV are the strongest TP of Thaicom 5 Satellite
    3640 H 28066 Russia Today is the weekest TP of Thaicom 5

    4173 V 3000 India TV,4165 H 3255 Royal News are the strongest TP of Intelsat 10 and
    4116 V 8145 Peace Tv is the weakest tP of Intelsat 10

    Hope weakest TP also help you to get all the channels

  52. Dear Mr. Koley, kindly refer my message dt. 21-6-09, will you be able to help me and send me the required information for setting up s additional LNB. In case it is not possible kindly say so, so that I may not keep on reminding you.
    Satish Kumar

  53. First tell me how many satellite you want to receive. If you like Insat 2E/4A, Thaicom 5, Insat 4B C Band, you need to keep Insat 2E/4A in Center. Means normally as you install a C band Dish to any desired satellite.

    After that complete installation, try to setup one side LNB in right side of main LNB to get Thaicom or Telstar. Similarly instal another in left side of main LNB to get Insat 4B

  54. when ever I put comments for help in these columns, My qerry remains waiting for moderatiom, why it is so.

  55. Dear RANAJIT, many thanks for your reply dated 6-7-09, I am interested in fta channels(preferably English/Russian Movies) of those satellites who have their footprint In Northern India/Chandigarh, if any in addition to Asiasat 3S,2E/3B(83 east), Agila-2(146 east)..Kindly guide me as per my request dated 21-6-09..awaiting an early reply..
    my email address is
    thanks and regards..

  56. Dear Mr. Koley can you please help me to get insat 2E, insat 4B , taicome or asiasat together. iam having 8feet mesh dish, before im getting insat 2e and taicome together by cental lnb for taicom, i am from kerala so i want suria now. i need to know which position is to get insat 2e and insat 4b together with good signal quality. give me some photos and distance of lnbs and clamp length etc. my email id or thank you

  57. Mr Vimalraj R, Its possible to get Insat 2E/4A, Insat 4B & asiasat 3S together in one Dish. If you want to take Thaicom along with Asiasat 3S is very dificult. but possible with 10 ft or more big dish. If you want Asiasat 3S, & Insat 2E/4A together in same dish you need to keep Insat 4B in middle & you will get Insat 2E/4A in the right side of Insat 4B and similerly you will get Asiasat 2 (100.5) and Asiasat 3S in left side of Insat 4B. Its very easy to setup . For help visit here

    Hope it will help you

  58. Dear Ranajith thanks for your information and try to get Insat 2E/4A and Insat 4B together with center lnb insat 2E, iam able to receive both but very poor signal quality and lots of transponder missing . around 5degree elevation different between this two satllite if i make little bit down the dish i get insat 4b perfectly and if i little up the dish i get insat 2e with good signal quality how to fix it can u please help me to make the clamp and please give me the distance of each lnb’s, Insat 2E/4A, Insat 4B & asiasat 3S together . i surch in your pictures but there is no center lnb for insat 4b and side lnb insat 2e and asiasat3s can you please give me the drawing of this three. thank you

  59. Mr Vimalraj R,

    1st set you dish towards Insat 2E/4A and try get all 153 Channels (Including Encrypted Channels) Check the signal Quality of DY365, DD National, RR Sat Promo & NE Tv. You will get 100% signal from Dy365, From DD National you will get morethan 90% signal and from NE TV you will get morethan 50% signal. If you get this fixed your dish

    After successfully setup Insat 2@/4A try to instal you 2nd LNB toward Insat 4B without changing your Dish Direction. Please fine tune your LNB as you get maximum signal from Insat 4B. When you tune your 2nd LNB never moved your dish, always keep it in mind. In this way you can set 3rd LNB toward Thaicom 5 or Telstar 10. Hope you will get all this

    One thing remember always all LNB will in same line. Just you need to move your LNB position & Tilt position to get maximum signal

    Good FTA English Movie channels like Filmax & Starlite is available from Thaicom 5. If you try you will get it

    1. I am Indian but live in Ethiopia.I have two dishes-one for Nilesat and other Intelsat 10. Gping throgh your site I have learnt that we can fix up to 6 LNBs on the same dish without changing the direction. We dont have any good technicians so you may kindly help to fix multiple LNBs and will it be possible to have DD National. Reply me by email

  60. Respected Mr. Ranjit Koley,
    Please help me by serve the details frequency with sketch to get extra channel by using 6 feet dish & multi lnb and also my existing small dish with extra lnb to my e-mail ID. I will be very obliged with you.
    My e-mail :

  61. Sorry Dear Sekhar, I Cant mailed you. I discussed all the matter previously in this blog. So please see my previous post to know more about it. I think it will help you.

    Mr. Ehsan, Install a DVB Tuner Card in your cumputer, you will get it through your computer. But in Indian Local Market its not Available. For it you need to purchase online

    here are some link

  62. dear friends !

    I am from Dubai.i have 6 fit dish and want Insat2E,once i got that i saw Asianet chanel for some time then i don’t know what kind of mistake i did.later when i improved the signal stringht now when i am scaning,i am geting a chanel india live,but i am not geting insat2e chanels.
    plz advice

    thanks advance

  63. helo,
    how i get dd national in uganda africa
    pls help me in this regard bkaz i missing the programme.

    with best regard
    uganda, east africa

  64. i hve just bought a 2.5 ft dish,but iwant 2 get FTA BENGALI CHANNELS BYusing the same dish if with another/ (MULTI)LNB.PL GUIDE ME WITH ESTIMATED one word till now I m really disapointed,if no bengali channels can be added .


  66. Can anyone help me how to get Russian English Channel (as reported by someone at Test-111) in my DTH-Doordarshan DD+ STB?. I tried but could not. In my STB, there is no “Add Channel” mode at all. There is only “ADD TRANSPONDER” mode. What should I do? I am afraid of trying this mode as I may loose getting what I am already getting presently. Presently I get SVBC, DW-ASIA+, NHK.
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Dear Javed,

      If you wanted to Install Multi LNB setup please see my another blog, which Mr Parikh informed you. REN tv is available from Yamal 202 at 49.0°E & the TP is 3706 V 15550 and you need 8ft Dish & a Teflon for it Actual TP is 3706 L 15550 teflon will chenged it as 3706 V 15550

      For Peace TV please Catch Intelsat 7/10 at 68 deg East & The TP is 4116 V 8145 & it will come in 6ft Dish

      I hope it will helped you

      Finally I wish Happy New Year 2010 to all of my Friends, Reader & well wisher

  67. Arif,

    You need a 4-5 ft Dish & a Mpeg 4 Receiver, through which you can get B4U with out any paying. Now This channels is free from Asiasat 3S Satellite

    If you bought a 5ft Dish, you can get many more channels including DD Direct Plus

  68. Is there any single LNB use to C band H/V as well as Ku band? Plz. give me the address and cost availability in India/ Maharashtra.

  69. i am located in Malaysia. i have my 6 foot dish antenna aligned to NSS6 0.95 E frequency 11172 H S/R 27500 and can receive 6 DD channel with superb clarity of over 95%. can i receive Dish TV on this frequency as well?

  70. Hai, Iam from Oman, Iam using a c band dish with 2 lnb pointing to Insat 2e and 4b respectively. First I had only Insat 2e – multiple lnb now i added 4b. through a clamp from shop. Pls help to fix the clamp and lnb by a chart or photo.Pls…

  71. I live in Australia. Until monday 8/2/2010 , i have been receiving Asiasat 3 and Asiasat 4 programs on a 24 hours basis.

    From 8/2/10 i am able to receive the programs /signals from 11 am daily.

    Please let me know why the signal has stopped and start only after 11 am.


  72. I am receiving Intelset 10 c band programmes. Last few day before i cant view MADNI channel,the signals are ok but programmes not viewing, Please let me know why the programmes not viewing,

  73. Good News :
    DD DTH service gets strong upgrade signal
    Ashish Sinha
    Posted: Sunday, Feb 21, 2010 at 0053 hrs IST
    Updated: Sunday, Feb 21, 2010 at 0223 hrs IST

    New Delhi: In order to meet its twin aims of adding to revenue and popularity of its free-to-air DTH service — DD Direct Plus — public broadcaster Prasar Bharati has decided to increase in two stages its channel capacity to 200 from the current 59. This has been planned keeping in mind the increasing popularity of the direct-to-home (DTH) services of the private operators.

    Doordarshan is expected to infuse over Rs 10-15 crore in the next fiscal to fund the capacity addition of DD Direct Plus, sources said.

    “In the first stage, we will add 41 channels to take the tally on DD Direct Plus to 100. Subsequently, we will add another 100 channels in 2010-11,” DD director-general Aruna Sharma told FE.

    Doordarshan is also eyeing revenue from private broadcasters who would like to place their channels on DD Direct Plus. Any private channel in the free-to-air mode can be placed on DD Direct Plus by making an annual payment of Rs 60 lakh (for Indian channels) or Rs 1.2 crore (for foreign channels). The addition of 100 channels on DD Direct Plus could fetch the public broadcaster an annual revenue of Rs 60 crore.

    However, scarcity of transponders on satellites may see DD Direct Plus using the MPEG4 channel compression technology to add more channels. This technology is also being used by leading DTH operators like Airtel’s Digital TV, Reliance ADAG’s Big TV and Sun Network’s Sun Direct.

    The MPEG4 technology enables DTH operators to accommodate more channels in the available bandwidth, compared to the MPEG2 technology currently being used by DD Direct Plus, Dish TV and Tata Sky. “Our technical staff is currently working on the MPEG4 technology. Upgraded technology will also mean the roll out of new set top box for DD Direct Plus,” confirmed a senior Prasar Bharati official.

    This is significant because the proposed high definition channel — DD India — that will carry the upcoming Commonwealth Games coverage will be available only on DD Direct Plus.

    Currently, DD Direct Plus has around 6 million subscribers. With the addition of more channels and an aggressive marketing strategy for DD Direct Plus, Doordarshan aims to double its current subscriber base in next three years, a top DD official said. The private DTH space currently dominated by six DTH operator’s together command a paying subscriber based of around 20 million.

  74. Dear Javed,

    Madani Channel is now left Intelsat 10, so you cant get it from its C Band Beam. If you reside outside of India like Africa or UAE, you can get it from same satellite using Ku Band Beam

  75. Dear Mr. Ranjit Koley,
    U had reply me about REN tv as on 31.12.2009 in that u say the REN tv is available from Yamal 202 at 49.0°E & the TP is 3706 V 15550 and you need 8ft Dish & a Teflon for it Actual TP is 3706 L 15550 teflon will chenged it as 3706 V 15550.Plz give me detail about “TEFLON”Where is its availiabilty?
    Also tell me about How i can connect more LNB using throug Diseqc switch to more than one STB?



  77. hai friends my name raja iam from dubai. iam using insat2e-3b. this sat tamil channal available i know. but tami channal frequency number i dont no. please give me tamil channal transponder numper or website.

  78. I am living in Alkhobar city of Saudi Arabia I am not geeting any channel of asiasat 3s, since few days . only cutting of channel comes.kindly send me the solution for this as my dish is 2,5 meter and well alinged. Thanks

  79. Dear ranajit,
    i had read all your discussions. I had a querry. Please help me.
    Iam using 6ft dish and mpeg2 reciever. Dish is fixed in insat2e/4a. I used another lnb for insat 4b. Now i need to get channels from asiasat 4 @122 degree. Is it possible to get those channel without changing the position of my dish?. If no, please help me to track asiasat 4. I am living in kerala.
    thanking you.

  80. Can i get asiasat 4 in insat 2e fixing position with the help of multiple lnb procedure.?… I am jamshad, from kerala..

  81. hello ranajit,
    me jamshad from kerala.
    i am using 6 ft dish and mpeg2 reciever . now am watching insat2e/4a, insat 4b/3a and thaicom 2/5 with the help of multiple lnb procedure. i fixed insat 2e in main position. my problem is surya tv is mpeg4 now. but surya tv is mpeg2 itself in asiasat 4@122′. can i get asiasat 4 in this positon? which channel having high signal in asiasat4?
    please anyone help me…..
    your blog is great…. keep it up….
    thanking you..

    1. Dear Jamshad,

      You cant get Insat 2E/4A & Asiasat 4 together in a 6 feet dish, for that you need minimum 12 feet Dish & your dish have to fixed at 100.50 Deg

      And Finally Siti Digital has stopped their broadcast in Asiasat 4, so you cant get any India channels from this satellite

  82. dear sir,

    can i get it tata sky in africa though c bend or ku bend? there is any other resourses to get pay indian chanel?

  83. hello anyone here has used DVB-T receiver to see free to air tv channels in India? i tried but cant …

    1. Without anyone doing terrestrial broadcasting using dvbt u wont get any signal.
      India had mooted using it but alas , commercial interests reigned supreme and there is no progress on that front.

  84. sir,
    please any one tell me
    which channel we have take prime to get all thechannel in good signal, of insat 2e and insat 4a


  85. HI,
    I am trying to configure the DTH for dd direct plus in my home. I have a TECHNOSAT 1100 plus set top box. Earlier an agent had set things for us and it was working fine. Now its not working and the agent is not available.So I tried to follow the instructions in your website. But I couldn’t do it. There is option such as antenna settings,channel settings in the setting options . Antenna setting has various antenna options like antenna 1, antenna 2. etc, channel settings has options similar to your discrptions in your site. at last in search options there are options such as search insat 1,search tp,search network etc.
    I dont even have the user manual. Please help me to set the dth.

  86. Dear Subrata,

    You are talking about Bluekiss TV from UK. This channels is available from Eurobird 1 Satellite & its footprints are not available in India. So you cant get it

    Dear Dipak,

    Yes you can get this using 6ft Dish. As its Available from Yamal 201 Satellite

    1. Dear Vinod,

      Its can tune C Band as well as Ku Band

      for set up please follow this Process

      Press Menu
      Select Installation
      Select Install Dish & LNB
      Select any satellite from the List
      Press Red button for edit the satellite

      Now Set this as follows
      LNB = 5150 (for C Band ) 09750 (for Ku Band from 10700 to 11700) 10600 (for Ku Band from 11700 to 12800)
      22KHz = always off . (only on when Ku Band LNB Frequency from 11700 to 12800)
      DiSEqC = Off ( If you using morethan 1 LNB then select port A/B/C/D)
      LNB power = ON
      12V power = OFF

      Now press Menu or exit to save it
      press ok for save
      Now again enter to Installation menu for TP & Channels
      Precess will be as follows

      Manual Installation
      secelct Satellite
      Press Yellow Button for TP list
      or press green Button for Add TP
      after successfully adding TP or edition TP Press red button for Live scan

      Now you are ready for receiving C & Ku Band LNB signal using Beetel S25

    1. Mondal Daa,

      eta khub sahaz bapar 83 C aar 75 Ku Band eksaonge dhora. Aapni ki Dish use korchen seta janale bhalo hoy. jadi apni metal Dish use koren tahole feed horn er end position e dan dike Ku Band lnb ta ABS 1 hobe.

      Jadi aaro kono darkar thake tahole ekhane reply korte paren

      Bhalo Thakben

  87. hai ranjit im living in coimbstor in tamil nadu i have 6 feet dish and fta mpeg2 receiver can see more channels ,how much lnb i want to use and whih satelite gives more channels pls mail to me thanks in advance

    1. Dear Ziav,

      its impossible to mail you .

      you can instal 4 any type (either C or Ku or both type) LNB in this Dish. to get maximum channels please use Thaicom 5, Insat 2E/4A & Asiasat 5 C Band & DD direct Minus in Ku Band. you will get approximate 350 FTA TV Channels

  88. kisi ke paas to air channels) hai tho muje call keejiyei muje chahiye only chennaimei rehanewale. muje old chahiya lekin acha rehna yehambar messege karo

  89. hello brother,
    I have a small dish and a c band lnb and want to catch only one channel “the madni channel” how can i do it can you help me please.
    or tell me that what is the smallest size of dish anttena it require.

  90. hi i m a new comer in the field recently i ve connected myself with dth of dd plus according t0 ur new statement of cabinet minister that number of chhanels are going to be introduced at the end of the year 2010. and by the next year these are going to the length of near about 200.

  91. Hi Ranajith,
    your website is not working plz check, i need the pic of the dish fitted with more lnb.
    i am able to catch telestar 18 138 E ku band in chennai with 35 signal strength in night but in morning it drops to 16 wht is the problem.
    can you possible to give me a list of telestar 18 138E ku band channel.



  93. mr ranajit. i have 6 feet c band dish. and 3 dual lnbs. i need insat 2e, insat 4b, asiasat 5.i want to install them without changing position of dish. how to do it? lnbs need to be on same line but there has to be any specific distance between them?and pls tell me about diseqc swtich confuguration for them.thank you

  94. plz give me a how 2 get tamilchannal jaya r zee tamil r captontv in africa [BOTSWANA] free2 air last 3 month i got big dish 180 fe jaya all channal free 2 air but last week 2 i didnt get ther said pay channal whai can i do plz help me .VENKAT [BOTSWANA] AFRICA plz send me a mail ……..

  95. Can we receved NEPALDISH free Chaneels through Ku Band on INTELAST 906?
    Kindly Reply anyone who has receveid these channels in India.

    1. Dear Javed,
      Yes you can enjoy both of Nepal DTH Dish Nepal & Home TV Nepal.

      Both are available from whole India & you need 60 cm Dish, Normal Ku Band LNB & one DVB S2 MPEG 4 Receiver. If you dont have that, you can receive it through Videocon Receiver

  96. I purchased a Beetel set top box in Dec 2005 and it was working well till recently when the dish was directed to INSAT 4B. When I started using SUNDIRECT the same dish was used for both the STBs. The Beetel box also was working well. But since SUNDIRECT changed the satellite to Measat the dish direction was changed to receive the TV channels on SUNDIRECT. But then Beetel receiver stopped functioning and I tried various transponders in vain. Could you please tell how I can get free channels on my Beetel receiver NOW with the dish direction changed?

  97. In Ethiopia on Intelsat 10 we used to get 4 DD Channels (News, India, Bharti and Sports). Now since almost 7-8 days no one in Ethiopia is getting any of the DD channels. Has DD stopped airing DD channels on Intelsat 10 or some local problem? Any solution?
    Thank you
    Dr DP Monga

  98. I’m living in Tanzania,we have a problems with some of TV CHANNELS From India for couple weeks now,but we dont know the problem,can u please help us.

  99. Which satellite u are having? On Intelsat 10 all DD channels, HUM TV USA and K 2 have stopped.
    Dr DP Monga

  100. Dear Ranjit
    I have 6 feet dish on which I receive Intelsat 10. Can I receive Asiasat 3S on this dish by changing the direction? We dont have dual or triple LNB/ Pl help

  101. Hi,
    I have a Chinese Digital receiver name LOGIX and in right corner of the box written as Disqec 1.0 compatible and DVB( Digital Video Broadcasting)used for DD Direct Plus.The set was purchased in 2006. The set top box was not used for almost 2-3yrs. But recently when I installed it saw that it is working but I am facing two problems that signal quality of the some channel is 60%( they are DW Tv, RTv, News Live etc) and in satellite list Insat4B not shown. I have tried to get Insat4B and other new list of satellites by moving or adjusting dish but failed, even tried to upgrade software but PC not detected the receiver in USB mode. What shall I do? Why new satellites are not shown and signals are low? Is there any solution?

  102. How could i see “kolkata tv”, “channels tv” , “News Time” in amy tv. I have an TATA SKY DTH connection with ID no. 1059226793. Mobile no. registered into 9874529299.If the above channels is not available then i want to disconnect the connection. write me to the procedure.

  103. Doordarshan’s DTH to offer 200 channels by December 2011
    Union Minister of Information & Brocasting, Mrs.Ambika Soni had reportedly informed press that with successful launching of gset8 DD+ will enter market with 200 channels by end December 2011.This apperantly seems to cosumers of DD Direct +,to be no more than mere threat to private DTH private services providers.We customers of Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan), world’s largest terrestrial broadcaster,are very much accustomed to get similar assurances in past.
    It is recalled on 12/09/05 then Minister Of Information & Brodcasting, Mr.S Jaipal Reddy reported “Within the next one year, Doordarshan’s DTH service will offer 100 channels, including 75 private satellite channels, along with some music channels, Private channels are heartily welcome to join the platform.” Similarly, then Chief Executive Officer Prasar Bharti, Mr. Balajit Singh (since lost position on curruption charges) on 08/07/08 assured of increasing transmission to 200 Channels in comming months, that is nearly 3 years prior to 23/05/2011’s newspaper report.

  104. I just want to mention I am just newbie to blogs and absolutely enjoyed your website. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your site . You really come with remarkable articles and reviews. With thanks for sharing your website page.

  105. I am working in offshore oil platform.Recently our company installed Dish for INSAT 2E .After installation the picture and sound clear but the problem is it is interrupted every minutes.That is signal; is cutting every minute ,no signal message coming and again coming ,again cutting.The people installed told it is due to radar interruption.But another barge receiving this signal in the same location and also they told it is because of C band this problem.If K band it will be ok….what is the problem for this and what is the solution for this?Any one knows please give me reply to installing ,still we cannot see indian channels.

  106. i have technosat hd mpeg4 receiver for asia sat 3s i am getting all channel accept b4u movie and b4u music is not coming .what is the reason please advise me

  107. Using a china made dish and tuner

    I was told the master key for this to get some free India Tv is 20090101.
    I get various Indian languages but not Zee.
    Can anyone help please?

  108. hi
    this s rahman,from thiruvanna malai (tamil nadu) i hv dth (free channels),if i,m use kalaingar tv and zee tamil tv can’t take enogh signal bcoz of opposit direction signal dish,,,,,,, wt i do ??????????plz help me my emil id is (

  109. Hi,

    I live in Dubai and cannot put dish on my roof, but I have the building Dish which is facing in opposite direction to what DishTV needs. I have connected a internet receiver to it and am able to watch some indian channels provided by a service called Pehla (using the same receiver).

    The receiver is pointing to the NileSat and AsiaSat.

    I want to watch more regional and hindi channels which were in DishTV.

    Anyone, can suggest how can I configure the internet receiver or anything to add on to get the Indian DishTV channels.


  110. Dear Ranjit
    I am an indian who has got a job in the small country of Papua New guinea (between Indonesia and Australia). I plan to take a FTA receiver there since there is no cable operator there and everyone has their own dish.
    Can you please suggest a good FTA receiver (dont know much about satellites but Asiasat 3S seems to offer many indian FTA channels)
    Also, is it possible to get a C band card or decoder to receive non FTA channels. I can pay for the subscription since only c -band receives that country.


  111. Dharam
    Here in Ethiopia since last few weeks some people are getting DD channels on C band 6 feet dish. Have signals from any Insat become available in this country.? If yes, to what direction?

  112. HI,

  113. Recently so many letters on this site are going unanswered? The person who makes some query about his problem expects to get answers from some expert to keep the site popular. Am I correct Mr Ranjit?

  114. Dear Ranjith ji
    intal sat 17 we could not tune specific ” H ” polarity. ” v” polarity all we are getting .what may be the problem. pl let me know as asia net channels in ” H ” polarity.i am from oman.

    thansk and regards

    PLZ HLEP ME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  116. By using SD-96 STB, we can not tune any channel. We have to depend on the mercy of DD Direct+ DTH service provider only.
    Of late DD Direct Plus has discontinued all Tamil Channels. First to go was SUN, then JAYA, then WIN, then MAKKAL, last KALAIGNAR .
    Now only MEGA is still there, we can earnestly hope that that will also disappear soon, leaving only PODHIGAI in Tamil DD Direct+.

  117. hello sir iam saudii
    enikk dd national channel 6 feet dishil labikkuniila entucheyyyanm
    new lnb fitt cheytal kittumo
    engane an cheyyendat
    surya channel saudiyil labikkan nt cheyyanam

  118. helo sir nss 6 lnbiyil set cheytal enikk dd chanel labikkumo
    saudiyil national surya enee channel labikkan enty cheyyan \m

    njan upayokikkunat 6 feet lnbiyan

  119. hello every one,
    My self is mukund. today i bought a DDH and tried ti install it but i could not get any singnal in my TV (LG LED model LV2130). when i checked the signal it show intensity more than 90% but quality only 4 to 5%. i rotated the disk in all direction slowly but could not success. please can any one suggest me how to resolve the issue. thanks in advance

  120. Why Intelsat 10 (PANAM 10) has stopped addition of new channels on S with MPEG 2. Unfortunately all old good popular channels like ARY and HUM they have shifted to Asiasat 3.They are adding new channels only on S2 – MPEG4 for which receiver is either not available or is very costly. Why? why?

  121. Dear Sirs,
    I have a problem. Can anyone help me? I have a STB of Beetel Model: SD-96. As Kalaignar TV is gone now from DD+DTH, I was trying to install NSS-6, ZEE TAMIL. For this I went on “Add Satellite” mode entered Satellite name as “NSS-6” , Longitude as 95.0 East, Then appeared one manu as LNB Type – I entered KU band, Then appeared Local Frequency …??..(I entered 09750) , then appeared Frequency High menu …I entered 10600, 22K Zone = OFF, DisEqc = OFF, then I scanned on AUTO-SCAN.
    At last none of the TV channels got stored and I did not get Zee Tamil. Rather all already stored channels (about 106) were gone from my STB.
    What should I do? What figure I must enter at Longitude ,/LNB Type ,/Local Frequency, / Frequency High ,/ 22K Zone , /DisEqc / ?

  122. well, there is no problem with your dish or the coordinates and frequencies you are setting. I think your set top box is not compatible with NSS 6. the video format of nss6 is mpeg4 while as your set top box might be supporting mpeg2 and dvb format only.
    So better purchase a new set top box supporting mpeg4 format

  123. A/A
    I too am from kashmir (srinagar). So hello again.
    You can receive peace tv from
    INTELSAT 10 (PAS 10)
    Position: 68.5° East, Frequency: 4116, Symbol Rate: 8145, FEC: 3/4,
    Polarization: Vertical,
    Transponder : G22C
    Video format DVB / mpeg 2
    Band C
    Distance: 37094km
    Elevation: 49.8°
    Azimuth (true): 191.1°
    Azimuth (magn.): 189.0°
    LNB Skew [?]: 9.2°
    in ku band, go to
    Name: 28.5E EUROBIRD 1
    Distance: 38870km
    Elevation: 27.2°
    Azimuth (true): 241.8°
    Azimuth (magn.): 239.7°
    LNB Skew [?]: 46.9°
    Frequency: 12 559.67
    Polarisation: Horizontal (X)
    Symbol Rate: 27.5 Msys/s


  125. i am in uganda,kampala at east africa.i have sundirect sundirect signal is available or not i dont know.If signal is available which type dish can i use please reply me

  126. free to air marinebiz tv and ert world tv & ren tv channels c beam or band satellite signal quality are very very poor & weak receive, state rajasthan, city jodhpur, india

    plz suggest me.

  127. Dear sir,

    Iam having airtel dth and tatasky dth in my home , i would like to watch ren tv, and some adult channels, pls guide me how to change settings

  128. hi i’m using beetel digital sd96 stb. please help me by sending settings of some popular satellites.
    I am living in agra. if possible please send me transponders of discovery channel and some other
    scientific channels in hindi.
    thank u…..

  129. I have DVB dish set for FTA channels and watching DD, NHK, DW, B4U Music etc channels. Can I use same dish antenna to receive FTA channels from other satellite?

  130. sir pls solv my prblm i have dishtv stb zenega cd100is how can i watch dabangg tv ch my gold pack is active and a aditional ku band lnb and disqc swich pls solve my problam thank…

  131. I am ethiopian and using eurobox receiver ,i am having problem in getting frequencies of thaicom pls send me those frequencies

  132. hello!,I love your writing very a lot! percentage we keep up a correspondence extra about your post on AOL? I require a specialist on this space to resolve my problem. May be that is you! Having a look forward to see you.

  133. myself vicky want to know from experts if any here that i have dd dth dish got every type of chanal which on air on dd dth from doordarshanor u can say prasar bharti but is it possible to get maximum channels by instal of 6″feet dish (like more than 160 fta channel) and also want to know that after anouncement that dd going to increase channels on dd dth till march 2012 but till now no any icrease in channels but decrease is done,sarkar grib aur middle class logo se bot bhi mangti hai aur jaan bhi ++++++,,sarkar sirf logon ki leti hai aur lagatar le rahi hai

  134. Hey What is the price of Mpeg4?

    i am using Mpeg2, with DVb 8000.
    I am only getting 59 tv channels.
    how can i see more?
    Pls Reply.. 🙂

  135. Dear,
    its a good post. I want to ask question about dish TV antena alignment. Please tell me that the maximum signal of which transponder makes the receiver to be able to catch all channels.

  136. Hello Sir,
    i Live In mEkkele – Ethiopia ( East Africa), Sir, I would love to watch indian channels( especially Crikctet Matches),
    what should i do, Which reciever should i buy, which Decoder and what settings should i use
    Please reply back
    Dr Laxmikant Chavan

  137. Asianet and surya have become pay channels. Is it possible to receive these channels through c band dish antenna. Using smart cards. Please do reply…


  138. I am in Al Khobar and now I am getting all channels except India Vision and Yes. What would be the problem for India Vision and Yes Channels? I am using large dish.

  139. Hi.. I am raju singh, i want download frequncy but symbol 40700,freq 12595 it,s not loading from this code. Pls told me. Mob- 8563017923, i want z network channel code


    1. SET MAX
    2. SAB T V
    3. TEN SPORT
    4. STAR SPOT
    8. A B P NEWS
    9. INDIA T V
    10. AAJ TAK
    11. ZEE NEWS
    13. Z ACTION
    14. ESPN
    15. I B N 7 NEWS



    contact no.-09313850450

  141. Im from png I would like install indian tv but I can recive any signal from png how can I do .please can any one can tell.

  142. I changed tp and freq for fta (10990v,27500)in my videocon d2h it have full signal but when i scan it no channel found shows any solution for it.i did every thing as given in saswat

  143. Hi
    I am from Kochi, Kerala. Where can I purchase a dd direct plus set top box here in Kochi?
    I tried a few of the STB dealers but they don’t offer dd direct plus STBs.

  144. Hi, I’m in kuwait. I’m using NHE bdr3000 plus mini receiver. I’m not getting any indian channels particularly tamil. Can you please post all settings to get tamil channels. Thank you

  145. I have intersting to catch the satellite 1 95 degre east 2 105 degre east 3. 100 degre east and many more but sir i cannot catch sucsfuly 28.2 degre east on ku band . Sir give some suggestion on my id . I felt proud.

  146. Hey guys ! I have fixed a new dish and it gets paid channels frequency. But shows only some channels like zing and saam tv ! I am searching for new channels !

  147. hello all i from himchal pradesh
    can i get russian and french tv channels(FTA)on my small dish with dd plus stb
    or can i use dual port lnb c and ku band on small dish
    for watching free channels from world?

  148. I have one dish pointed to Intelsat 20 (68.5 East).How can i get any other satellite particularly Paksat on this dish by another LNB?

  149. Hello Mr Ranjit koley i am from asansol, W.B. India.
    I want to buy 12 feet metal dish( for receiving max no of satellite), 4*1 discqe, and a hd receiver(reputed brand). My question is where i can buy these thing? Can i get this near about asansol, durgapur or kolkata? If yes please reply the address of the shope.
    And where i can get the 12 feet metal dish(i am faceing too much problem for this)?
    Please reply all or mail me.

  150. I have airtel digital tv lnb and beston mpge2 fta receiver. My problem is i have set my dish in 93.5 east(as my position oriantation 164.14 and elavation 61.27) but i have not getting any channel though auto scane is done.My signal strength is showing 80% but quality is only 3 to 4%.what can i do now? I want all fta channel from insat 4a 93.5 east. Is it my airtel digital tv lnb problem or any other. Pls help.

  151. ours is did free dish in that how to add movies now , Sony ,star plus etc plz. I typed some of signal frequencies but couldn’t why plz tell me

  152. I live at Qasbayar Dist.Pulwama Jammu &Kashmir. I want to receive signal of Badr sat 26. what should I do for it. how kind of dish is required for it. which size of dish and lnb setup pls help

  153. Dear i am having c band dish with c band lnb focussing towards asiasat7. Now i want to get dd direct free channels in addition to asiasat7 via ku band can i place ku lnb so to get dd free dish channels. Regards

  154. Hi, m new to this blog, really a nice blog, wanted to know what things we can do from ku band dish apart from recieving dd free channels,.
    Take a look on new kind of dish

  155. I have beetal digital set top box modal-SD 96 AMP-SL. NO.-400004762070126703-LNB IN-950-2150MHZ-+13-18VDC-500mA max.
    I have purchased DISH TV HD CAMERA universal monoblock single LNBF:MS66-4 SL.NO.16H316188S -10.70 -12.75GHZ BUT enable to get free dish channels after setting please help me in the matter .

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