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24 thoughts on “Markets

  1. Ankur,
    I think this must be because of the internet jokes that you publish. WP has done this to some others I know in the past. I would contact support and thrash it out.
    You should start a chat page, too. I bought Auro Pharma. Their results are supposed to be good, though yet unannounced.
    India Glycols is going great guns. It kinda lifted my spirits. Kotak has given a target of 425 for it. It moved up from 250 to 300 in just a couple of days. Hope it keeps going! 🙂
    I am also planning to sell off RIL once the Sensex peaks out. My guess would be around 18K levels.

  2. neways wordpress has completely barred me from any activity and also my user account is disabled.. so i don’t think i would be able to find out soon….

    neways looks like the good times of markets r back
    PS: i have updated the email id

  3. btw with so much price freeze and increase in raw material costs.. do u think one should hold on tisco or sell it off and book losses

  4. moderation :((
    today i *sold* 2 contracts of OPT-NIFTY-26-Mar-2009-4300-PE for 215/- each…
    so do you think the stock market has chance to go below 4100 in the next 11 months?

  5. looks like wp is removing dushmani with u
    or maybe bcause of ur new mail address

    my gut says
    tisco is a short to medium term sell and a contrarian buy when it falls to better value
    this because it has its own mines and major cost if im not mistaken is the coal – another reason for govts threat – tisco is one of the lowest cost producers in the world and thats a big plus for the co
    one has to however revalue the corus shares acc to current market rates

  6. ya thats what i thought 🙂 thanks for reconfirming ….
    btw what about my NIFTY options?
    and how is ur stocks doing?

  7. havent chkd ,
    will start to sell once i think mkts r peaking
    ur betting on the nifty going down
    i will have to properly study fno to comment upon the option but yes if things get bad i think u should be in the money..this is a decent bet

  8. i think u got me wrong. if the NIFTY goes below 4300, then i lost about 15K for every incremental 100 fall. so i am betting that the golden days r back.

    i told u i still haven’t figured fno out correctly in trading terms
    but well the chances are there though remote cause the tickersense is very positive these days

  9. if you are good at maths (which i am sure u do)
    spend this weekend on derivatives esp options.
    trust me there are pot loads of money to be made with them. and the best part is that all the transactions happen in BLUE CHIPS/ NIFTY and not the penny stocks with dubious promoters.

    one more thing derivative transactions are all business income so remember that

  10. ya, but i do not want to think about it.. after all anyways PC has increased the taxes so its no longer a very high difference.

    BTW wordpress gave me a birthday gift by restoring my blog.

  11. April2 07 12455 – 3634
    march 16 12430 – 3608
    march 5 12415 – 3576 hopeful base above this
    oct 4 06 12204 – 3515
    after this it should be real scary
    sept 11 11550 – 3366
    aug4 10866 – 3177
    july 24 10215 – 2985
    july 19 10007 – 2933
    jun 14 06 8929 – 2633

  12. nothin much just stats on the way down at how low the mkt could dip
    bse /nse lows
    try seeing the yahoo interactive chart of the vix with the dow and the bse
    there is a possibility and a distinct one at that to reach july 24 10215 – 2985 in the future

  13. Why Intelsat 10 (PANAM 10) has stopped addition of new channels on S with MPEG 2. Unfortunately all old good popular channels like ARY and HUM they have shifted to Asiasat 3.They are adding new channels only on S2 – MPEG4 for which receiver is either not available or is very costly. Why? why?

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