Aug. 23 – Marc Faber on Markets, etc Bloomberg

Sept. 20 – Jim Chanos,  of Kynikos Associates on China etc

Sept. 28 – Gary Shilling Deflation Bonds etc

Oct. 3 – Roubini Interview on European Debt Crisis

Oct. 10 – Venkatraman Anantha-Nageswaran

Nov. 18 – Fink, Gross Discuss Occupy Wall St, Politics

NOV 29 – Pain for global equities is here to stay: First Global

NOV 29 –  Jim Rogers Favors Commodities, Currencies

Jun 03, 2013, India in inflation crisis; not in favour of rate cut: NIPFP

Jun 17, 2013, RBI’s so-called ‘hawkish’ tone not holding eco back: Tandon

Jun 17, 2013, Rupee’s ill-health won’t allow a rate cut today: CLSA






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