Beware of Shopclues website

As online brands have proliferated people blindly buy online because one gets great deals.

But in case of defective product , some websites don’t even bother to address the problem properly.

Shopclues is one such site, Whose customer service is horrible .. it is almost non existent. Im waiting for 2+ months for a return of a damaged product i purchased on their site

Their chat doesnt work , they never reply to emails or to messages on their site.

Next time you buy anything over Rs 50 u better pay on delivery and give the box a good shake to check if u have a damaged product.


5 yrs ago the gas agency servicing my gas was not interested in replacing the gas regulator which had got a minor leak and smelt of gas, because the regulator is owned by company. This is how safety works in India, and i had to bribe their inspector to get them to change it.

As i had not ordered a gas cylinder for some time, the agent said inspection was compulsory. Being sufficiently qualified i said ok lets see what their great inspector says. He found out that the Suraksha hose had recently expired, which i knew about and assured that i would replace , then he blocked my connection stating that the inlet valve of the 3yr old sunshine 3 burner gas, i was using was made of metal or GI and it could break anytime ! and said that he would replace it with a brass one the Tube Rs190+ Valve+Labor would be Rs 500 + Inspection charge 75  ! As one of my friends is in the Gas Burner business i enquired with him and he said that the person was talking nonsense as company was ISI certified and the valve was perfectly ok and even most replacement valves he had were gi. I had a major argument with the dealer who restored my connection saying i would be liable for the safety of the cylinder and repeating word safety a few times.

Indane or IOC , HP and BP is offering a safety regulator MFR for a deposit of Rs 400 analog and Rs 600 for digital regulators in select cities. Please enquire with ur gas agent or directly with the gas company .

Its strange to see so many safety devices for Rs 1600 appx that a double mount on the gas cylinder under the regular regulator in the market but HP and BP dont even promote their safety regulators. 

There is a safety regulator by IGT appx Rs 800 sold by many companies and Gas Safe in the market and i dont know if it is legal in India, but are advertised in NEPAL and sold here .

This is India.

India Budget 2014, What matters most!

New Modi Government, New Ideas and New Vision

Considering that the previous UPA Congress Sonia govt under FM P Chidambaram had run down the economy, the current FM Mr Arun Jaitley will have his hands full with repair and maintenance of the economy for a foreseeable period of time.

Rail budget was ok good, mainly because it was not a bihar or bengal rail budget but a National rail budget . Bullet trains are unviable idea for India considering the tickets will almost match airline costs and political interference for unviable routes. The JNR’s Shinkansen network cost 28 trillion Yen, and its privatization paid only 9.2 trillion yen. Japanese bullet or the German ICE are not very affordable to regular citizens of those countries, though they are great for businessmen, why not improve railways for millions of Mumbai rail commuters who bring immense value to the national GDP , and why not introduce more rajdhani style high speed intercity trains ?

Considering the difficulties faced by the govt, the raising of 80C limit by 50% and more importantly the basic exemption by 25% which directly affect the aam admi is commendable .

All that the govt has to do is focus on curbing INFLATION and streamlining the Supply Side and cutting out the layers of apmc rent seekers and middle men from food and essentials supply chain.



50000 increase in tax free income for Indls and Seniors.

INDIVIDUALS: Upto 2,50,000 – Nil

INDIVIDUAL RESIDENTS 60 TO 80 Yrs: Upto 3,00,000 – Nil

INDIVIDUAL RESIDENTS 80 Yrs +: Upto 500,000 – Nil ?


I. Upto 5,00,0000  {10% of the amount exceeding Tax free Income}

II. Upto 10,00,000 –  {I + 20% of the Income over 500000}

III. Above 10,00,000 –  {I + II + 30% of the Income over 1000000}

1. Education Cess of  3% on Income-tax.

2. Maximum 80C exemption & PPF investment limit, now  Rs 1.5 lakh.

3. Housing loan: Rebate hiked to Rs 2 lakh for self occupied houses.

4. Tax on LTCG on debt funds to 20%, and time moved to 3 years… Bad for u if u own  a debt fund .

5. Single Demat Account for all ur financial assets & Unified KYC

6. E-Visas …to promote tourism

7. REITs policy changes to benefit investors in real estate sector.

8. NSC with Insurance … an attempt to make the small savings more attractive.

9. Im not positive on Sardar Patel Statue fund of 200 Crores, though i am a great fan of leaders like Sardar Patel and Bal Gangadhar Tilak, moneys could be better spent on improving PRIMARY EDUCATION ie better world class CBSE style primary education for all, especially for the deserving economically backward people. We desperately need IIT Styled, high quality primary schools for deserving poor kids !

What costs more ?

Cigarettes, Pan Masala, Gutka, chewing tobacco, Colas with sugar and soda, Radio Taxis.

What costs less ?

Footwear, LED lights,  LCD and LED TV prices below 19 inches to go down.

Reactions and observation :

1. Sonia Gandhi says : Jaitley copied Congress schemes, later says no spending on Social sector. Real estate Shares like DLF up 10% , Vadra will be happy with #Budget2014

2. Praful Patel of NCP , the beedi baron will not be happy with the taxes !

3. Ashutosh AAP : There is not a single big ticket idea which world was expecting. Where is the change in Budget?Just an extension of UPA policies.





KYC Checking in India

To block terrorists from funding themselves through banking channels KYC or Know Your Customer registration came into existence…

India being India , the aam admi was bound to suffer as kyc became a tool of govt to harass people and remind them of the license permit raj. People call it Kill your Customer thanks to bureaucracy and red tape and multiple times one needs to do kyc.

There is no centralization of KYC registration, banks do them on basis of every account one has.

You require to submit your 1. Identity Proof and 2. Residence Proof.

To check if ur KYC is updated please follow links by clicking on them

Mutual Fund Kyc is centralized thank god for that . CVL handles MF KYC .

For Demat accounts two agencies do KYC

1. NSDL dbase NDML 

2. CDSL dbase CVL

The CDSL/CVL link deals with all kyc checks at the same time .

How to get a Senior Citizen ID or a Domicile Cert in Mumbai City Proper

Mumbai city Setu provides multiple services

Goto the SETU Mumbai Website

Register online here

or Download forms here ,

*Senior Citizen Certificate Application Form (Click here to Download Forms)

*Non Creamy Layer Certificate (Click here to Download Forms)

*Application form for Income Certificate (Click here to Download Forms)

*Application form for Caste Certificate (Click here to Download Forms)

*Caste Certificate For ST (Scheduled Tribes)(Click here to Download Forms)

*Application form for Domicile Certificate (Click here to Download Forms)

fill them up correctly and then go with necessary proofs

List of Valid proofs Checklist here

Buy the correct Court fee stamp at the office outside the high court rear entrance near hsbc if required,  and go to the old custom house SETU office(Left of Town hall library / post office) and submit.

Mumbai’s BEST Bus disservice

For some time now BEST is a disservice monopoly running perpetually in losses, running empty buses, increasing fares and worse.

BEST Transport is a failing institution with an inept management and a trade union run by S Rao, that has been so successful at bargaining for workers that I, a customer feels that it is run more for paying the unions and the management their pay rather than for service of the aam mumbaikar or common man.

They run the AC buses empty during off peak hours , the ac bus acquisition some say were meant to bail out a private operator whose operations failed.  Empty buses don’t have time to pick up passengers at a stop sometimes early in the morning and at nite !

U see Two buses playing follow the leader on regular basis. There are no buses at lunch / dinner time sometimes… and almost a dozen playing follow the leader post lunch.

They have drastically cut routes and frequency but not staff or management expenses which is among st the largest cost !

They have spent a lot of money going electronic with trimax … such a waste

U renew ur pass online spending 10 minutes … u still stand in line for half an hr at some god forsaken depot stop with people who want to renew their pass just to update ur buss pass ..10 minutes waste! So why go online ?

It takes more time to print a ticket ! u cant change busses , and have to wait for some busses for 40 minutes minimum sometimes. U stand in line at a depot for a pass … waste more time waiting for a conductor to check that pass

A paper pass would be better and serve the same purpose.They are supposed to have gps Online Bus Tracking System in buses …

They are supposed to have gps Online Bus Tracking System in buses .

does it work ?

U tell me , cause i could manage to create a login as my phone was already reg.

but they never sent me a forgot password on my email !

Their website is horrid ! Worse is their customer feedback page !

On wasting ur 10 minutes to complain u realize …  they never bloody bother !

An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.

If you are the system administrator please click here to find out more about this error.


Gone are the days of my childhood when riding the double decker 66 was a fun ride …

BEST is now more like bekar bus service.